Park Yong-jin, who met Kim Jong-in, said, “I thought it would not be possible to unify 尹 and 安”

Democratic Party lawmaker Park Yong-jin said on the 13th that Kim Jong-in, former chairman of the People’s Power General Election Committee, had a meeting the day before and said, “Anyway, I want to make sure that Kim Jong-in does not go to help candidate Yoon Seok-yeol again.”

Rep. Park said in an interview with KBS radio’s ‘Choi Kyung-young’s Strongest Current Affairs’ that day, “I know that many people in the Democratic Party of All Hearts will probably make such efforts.”

Previously, Rep. Park visited the Jongno office of former Chairman Kim the day before and had an interview. After a week of breakup after a head-on with Candidate Yoon over the reorganization of the election committee, debates continued over former Chairman Kim’s contact with Rep. Park, the Democratic Party’s co-election chairman.

In this regard, Assemblyman Park said, “Of course, the two politicians met during the presidential election phase, and most talked about the presidential election. I was worried that it might be the case, but somehow it happened, so I went to comfort.”

He continued, “I told you about the unification (opposition candidates) now that I’m worried, but he said he thinks it’s probably not going to happen.”

This is a message that former Chairman Kim lowly predicted the possibility of unification of conservative opposition candidates Ahn Cheol-soo and Yoon Seok-yeol, who recently emerged rapidly from the People’s Party.

Rep. Park also said, “Anyway, I asked for indirect support and advice for candidate Lee Jae-myung during the election process,” he said.

Regarding former Chairman Kim’s response to the request for support, he said, “I didn’t say anything out of the ordinary,” but he said, “It is to prevent the Democrats from merging the power of various centrists or supporters toward the power of the people, and to support and friendly support for Lee Jae-myung. In the process of creating the atmosphere, there will be various roles of the Democratic Party of Korea for former Vice Chairman Kim Jong-in.”

Regarding the fact that Candidate Jae-myung Lee was being pushed back by Candidate Yoon in the approval rating after the opposition was settled, he said, “I think that even after the election has started in earnest, I think that these polls will continue to fluctuate.” We all gathered together, and the reason we looked like we were winning is because the supporters of the people’s power have been scattered.”

He said, “It happened because I couldn’t assemble because of the disappointment and anxiety about Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol. I guess everyone already knew that, didn’t they?”



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