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Park Yoochun and the Cantabile Philharmonic Orchestra create a great musical phenomenon.

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Friday 4 December 2020, 5:05 p.m.

There is no good trend in Thailand with the legendary artist Park Yoochun that this time brings a big surprise to the fans. Celebrate the year in a full year. 17 with a full 2-hour solo concert in the “2020 Cantabile Philharmonic Orchestra with Park Yu Chun” to experience a new dimension in music with a combination of pop and orchestral genres from the Cantabile Philharmonic Orchestra. (CPO) – Kantabi Lefil Harmonic Orchestra (CPO) led by Thailand’s leading conductor Dr. Vanit Potavanich, Thailand’s leading conductor silapaton artist. With musiciansOrchestraThat will join the play and spell with the deep voice of Park Yoochun more than 20 special songs from the latest album RE: MIND to listen to each other fully. In a different version To hear it together Here only one place And a special song that has never been sung anywhere before With a packed surprise from many special guests such as Nuna – One Daughter, Tow-Saksit and a special guest who prepared a special show to help make an impression on the festival of happiness at the end of this year for everyone to be more than every year

Received an overwhelming response to the need to open additional seats, ticket zone price 2,500 baht, more than 200 seats in the great concert.
End of the year “2020 Cantabile Philharmonic Orchestra with Park YuChun”This event takes the fans back in time to the memories of the 17th anniversary of Park Yoochun’s industry debut and never misses the new song either. “The Cry”and“See You Again”And many more orchestral-style songs that can no longer be listened to Such as the legendary song that many people miss. Most importantly, we will see Park. Yoochun solo piano together with the orchestra for the first time for the fans. Were delighted to celebrate the festival of happiness, ending the year with my favorite artists The concert will be held For 2 days December 26-27 at True Icon Hall, 7th floor, ICONSIAM.In 2 themes 17th Debut Anniversary & Christmas Boxing Day on Saturday the 26th and Season Greeting & Happy New Year on Sunday the 27th. Moreover, there will be surprises from special guests such as
Nuna – One Daughter,Tow – Holyandspecial guestSpecial for the audience, every seat has the right to win a Christmas gift at the event as well.

In addition to warming the heart of the concert Also filled the heart as well A portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to the children’s activities. Autism Thai Foundation And the Foundation for the Saints for the Blind of Thailand (TBSO) where our young Park Yoochun will also donate this time by himself. Considered to have watched the concert and still made merit with the artists
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The last bend! With a concert of happiness to end the year“2020 Cantabile Philharmonic Orchestra with Park Yu Chun”

Who doesn’t have a card yet? You can buy tickets at Ticketmelon, click https://bit.ly/3ksX4d0 and see you on 26-27 December at True Icon Hall, 7th floor, ICONSIAM. Warmer than ever

Follow the details and feel the warmth in the phenomenon of solo concert withPark YoochunAnd bandCantabile Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO)Over 2 full hours will create warmth and better memories than ever. You can follow more details at Facebook / Instagram / Twitter : CPOrchOfficial

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