Parliament again passes a resolution against a governor; 50 in favor, 7 against – Governor

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ As the conflict between the governor and the government escalated, the Kerala University Senate passed a resolution against the governor again. In the Senedd, 50 voted in favor of the decision, while seven voted against. The Senedd declared that the formation of a two member search committee by the governor was illegal. The resolution also demanded that the search committee’s notice be withdrawn. The position they took today is that the Senedd representative can be chosen after the Governor withdraws the notification.

15 members of the Senedd who were expelled by the Governor did not attend today’s meeting. 2 of them are syndicate members of CPM. The Senedd meeting held in August had approved the decision demanding that the Governor establish the search committee unilaterally by excluding the Senedd representative, which is against the rules of the university and that the formation of the committee should be cancelled. The Vice-Chancellor sent this decision to the Governor but no further action was taken from his side. With this, the Senedd passed the decision for the second time.

In the face of conflict between the governor and the government, the argument was strong that withdrawing the decision of the Senedd is tantamount to surrendering to the governor. It was also estimated that this would damage the CPM politically. The High Court had criticized the passing of the Senedd’s decision against the Governor, who is also Chancellor, and the delay in choosing the representative for the search committee. In this situation, the Senedd took the position that the representative can be chosen after the Governor withdraws the notification.

Meanwhile, higher education minister R. Bindu had earlier announced that the special parliamentary meeting to be held today would elect the parliament representative to the search committee to select the vice-chancellor, but the this matter in the agenda of the meeting. The reason is that it is not possible to elect a new representative to the search committee without withdrawing the previous decision.

English Summary: Kerala University Senate passes resolution against governor again

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