Parliament fails Discussing the Election Commission, ‘Chuan’ said that only more than 100 people were missing.

At 6:00 p.m. on July 5, at a joint meeting of the National Assembly To consider the organic law bill (Acts on the election of members of the House of Representatives and the draft Act on Political Parties B.E. … agenda 2-3, the meeting considered section 6/ 3 Regarding two ballot papers, each with different numbers, the members who had requested the amendment debated that Election card, constituencies and constituencies list of MPs There is an opinion that the same number should be used throughout the country. for convenience in the memory of the people and useful for campaigning and presenting the policies of various political parties as well as easy to manage the elections of the Election Commission (EC).

while the committee confirmed that using two cards with different numbers Because if using the same card, it will be easier to buy votes, making the district councilors feel and stay with the people more. and cause more political development Bangkok governor election And candidates for the Sor Kor. People are correct. Finally, don’t think that the cards are the same, but there are positive aspects. But there are also negative sides. Because next time there may be ballots competing for more than 50 parties, but not all parties will be able to compete. All district MPs can As a result, in some districts there will be long ballots and there will be gaps. and insists that they must follow the constitution

After the discussion is over Mr. Chuan pressed the bell to call the members to vote. which took 10 minutes, but the members of the meeting room were still thin until Mr. Atakorn Sirilatthayakon The party-list MPs have suggested that the time has now passed. request to close the meeting and continue to consider on 6 July Mr. Chulaphan Amornwiwat Chiang Mai MPs, party district, now is the time to vote. The opposition is ready to work. and the president asked to show himself for a long time Please show results. If not, they close the meeting and go home. Nothing. They will wait to see the results of the members’ presence. Mr. Chuan then informed that there were still more than 100 people missing. And when the members wished to adjourn the meeting, the meeting was adjourned by 7:22 p.m.

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