‘Parliament is down again’, missing 1 vote, because ‘Jurin’ presses to show himself 2 rounds, ‘Rangsima’ side complains MPs skip the meeting

‘The council fell again’, failed 1 vote, because ‘Jurin’ pressed to show himself 2 rounds.

December 7, in parliament at the parliamentary meeting Before going into the agenda for considering the draft law (the Act), sign a petition to dismiss members of the local council Or local administrators in section 9/1, Mr Chuan Leekpai, the chairman of the council who acts as chairman of the meeting informed the meeting that Mr Rangsan Wanchaithanwong, MP for Chiang Rai, Plaid Thai Pheu (DPD) resigned on December 1st. made MPs membership ceased. equal to the number All current MPs now have 473 people left, half the quorum is 237 people.

Then, at 3:40 pm, Mr. Chuan for the quorum to start counting. But after more than 10 minutes, he could not start voting on Section 9/1 because the quorum was not yet complete. to stay or not Because at the moment there are 6 people still missing to form a quorum. Later, Nattapong Mr Rueang Panyawut, MP for Bangkok, the ACT Party discussed that after the joint discussions He thinks we have a solution because the draft of the Nominee Act for the Removal of Local Members is subject to restrictions and breach of legal process. Therefore, I would like to postpone this consideration until the next meeting and bring the draft of the Rail Transport Act. come to consider instead in order to prevent the quorum from collapsing Afterwards, Mr Chuan will continue to consider the draft Marijuana Act, informing him that it can be done in accordance with the objectives. But now the quorum is not complete.

Ms. Rangsima Rodrasamee, Samut Songkhram MP The Democratic Party (DPP) protested, asking the president not to close the meeting. because last time it closed early Come to the meeting in no time, wasting money on water, electricity and food. Not worth it. wait a minute People who don’t come anyway won’t come. because he is not responsible He said he would reveal the list. I did not reveal the list of people who did not come. People who want to be representatives When it’s time not to come to the council meeting Next time, I want to let it develop. People will know These people don’t come to work. Next time, you don’t have to choose to come in.

Later, at 4:13 pm, Mr. Chuan his presence. 237 people were present at the meeting, which constituted a quorum. After that, the decision of section 9/1 was that the committee kept the opinion and members on the amendment. by Mr Chuan said When voting, it is hoped that the quorum will be completed. and he hoped that the members would be in the meeting room, but it seemed that Mr. Chuan informed the meeting He raised information by asking Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, the Deputy Prime Minister. and Trade Minister Like MPs, the Democrat party lists whether or not you’ve pressed the card too. and Mr Jurin explained that he showed himself through the microphone And after bringing the card, so I pressed it again, I apologize. Then informed Mr. Chuan, as such, the quorum was considered incomplete, missing 1 vote. Therefore, when the quorum was not sufficient, he asked to adjourn the meeting at 4:19 pm

The reporter said that for the draft of the registration bill to withdraw members of the local council The council collapsed for the 5th time, especially only section 9/1, which has caused the council to collapse 3 work already.

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