Parliament voted on the second reading of the anti-corruption law

Deputies will vote on the second reading of the anti-corruption bill. The item is second on the agenda, and the anti-corruption reform is among the priorities of “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria”.

With the amendments, the anti-corruption commission KPCONPI should be divided into two. Part of it will deal with the fight against corruption, and the other – with confiscation of illegally acquired property.

The changes were adopted at first reading in June. However, only the GERB bill was passed then, but not the PP-DB bill, which caused tension between pro-government parties. Weeks of informal talks followed about exactly how to rework the texts before they were finally adopted.

At the beginning of the month, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov announced that an agreement had already been reached among the majority in the parliament on the final version of the anti-corruption law. The Prime Minister defined the adoption of these changes as “one of the most important tasks of the National Assembly for this year”.

Between the two readings of the law, the anti-corruption commission was decided, it was decided that it would not consist of 7 members with a 7-year term, but of three members with a 6-year term, each of them chairing the commission on a rotating basis for two years each. Applicants for membership must have a university degree in law and at least five years of professional experience, rather than the original 10 years. They will be elected by the National Assembly.

The Anti-Corruption Commission will carry out actions for the prevention, prevention, detection and investigation of corruption crimes by collecting, analyzing and verifying information on or in connection with information on acts of corruption by persons holding public positions.

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