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Participated in the 2050 carbon neutrality of Hana Financial Group’s declaration of carbon neutrality and coal-free

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Hana Financial Group has declared carbon neutrality with the aim of applying to all affiliates of the group by 2050.

In accordance with the’NEXT 2030 Management Principles’, it aims to maximize the value of all stakeholders and to continuously practice the group mission’Finance to Grow Together and Share Happiness’. This includes actively participating in the government’s “2050 carbon neutral” goal and contributing to the expansion of the new and renewable energy market through the transition to a low-carbon economy. In addition, it declared coal-free financing to completely halt financing of new projects for the construction of domestic and foreign coal-fired power plants and acquisition of bonds.

In addition, by completing the establishment of the’Environmental and Social Risks Management (ESRM)’ in the first half of the year, it plans to focus on selecting projects with environmental damage and human rights violations and suppressing financial support. Based on this, it aims to join the Equator Principles in 2021.

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Together with this, Hana Financial Group will strengthen various processes to enhance transparency in the ESG management practice process.

First, we are developing the’Hana-Taxonomy’, which strictly reflects the Green Classification System (K-Taxonomy) of the Financial Services Commission and global standards. By reflecting this on Hana Bank’s computerization in 2021, it plans to transparently manage ESG financial performance by reflecting environmental risks and applying environmental system product codes during credit screening.

In addition, it plans to publish a TCFD report in June that reflects the guidance of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Hana Financial Group disclosed the current status of the group’s response to climate change risks reflecting the TCFD guide through the ‘2019 Sustainability Report’. The newly published report will contain details such as the identification of high-risk sectors that the group should focus on in the future, and plans to develop risk management scenarios accordingly, through a detailed analysis of climate change risks.

In addition, Hana Financial Group plans to conduct various ESG education and events for employees, focusing on internalizing ESG management above all else. From March, we plan and conduct ESG training for all employees, including new executives, managers, and executives, to enhance the group’s overall understanding of ESG and promote practical work competency that can be reflected in practical work.

In addition, the’Hana Green Step5 Environmental Campaign’, which has been in force since February, is being implemented in the ▲Switch to power saving mode ▲Personal cup ▲Use the stairs ▲No food left ▲Use public transportation when commuting to work, is planned to be launched on a regular basis. Additional events will be planned to provide various opportunities for employees and customers to recognize and implement the importance of ESG together.

Meanwhile, Hana Financial Group worked with 30 global financial companies in 2018[UNEP PRB(United Nations Environment Programme Principles for Responsible Bank)] Participated in the establishment of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index[DJSI(Dow Jones Sustainability Indices)] It has been included in the Asia Pacific Index for 5 consecutive years.

In addition, the best in the CDP climate change response sector announced by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in recognition of excellence in the governance structure, risk management, management strategy, carbon emission target, and performance management system for responding to climate change in 2020. He has acquired the grade’Leadership A’. In addition, since 2016 when it first participated in the CDP, Hana Financial Group has been steadily incorporated into the’Carbon Management Sector Honors’ in the financial sector in recognition of various efforts.

Reporter Se-ra Kim, Consumer Economic Daily


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