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‘Parting up after forced abortion by girlfriend’ K-actor = Kim Seon-ho? Advertisements in the agency’s silent response are also deleted (comprehensive)

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Actor Kim Seon-ho/ Photo courtesy of Salt Entertainment © News1

While some are claiming that Kim Seon-ho is the popular actor K, who forced a woman in a romantic relationship to have an abortion, promised marriage and unilaterally informed the breakup, his agency Salt Entertainment has not responded to the media coverage at all. In the meantime, some netizens who are fans of Kim Seon-ho posted an article that they would take legal action against the ‘false facts’.

On the 17th, an article titled ‘I am accusing the double and shameless reality of the popular actor K-mo’ was uploaded to an online community on the 17th and caused a stir.

Poster A claimed through this post that she was an ex-girlfriend who had been dating K since the beginning of last year and said, “I decided to post this because I couldn’t mentally carry on a daily life because of his image that appeared so different on TV.” .

According to Mr. A, Mr. A was pregnant with Mr. K’s child in July of last year. Mr. A, who had been having a difficult time having children since he was young, wanted to have a child after hearing the doctor said that if he had an abortion, he might never be able to conceive again. I have to act, but what if I can’t even act later?” I was told.

Person A said, “Actually, I found out later that I did not have to pay the 900 million won penalty, but I lied to him to have an abortion.” He threatened to say no and even showed tears.”

He added, “(Mr. K) will get married in two years, introduced her to her parents, and promised to live together from next year.”

Afterwards, Mr. A said that Mr. K showed severe emotional ups and downs due to his work and acting activities, and that it changed even more as he gained popularity. In addition, Mr. A said that it was difficult because it was known that Mr. K was in a romantic relationship, so he had the two delete messages or pictures.

Person A said, “At that time, I withdrew because I was afraid that my relationship with the person I loved would do something wrong, and I did it like a sinner. He added, “I have more time to think like that, and one day, I was suddenly notified of the breakup unilaterally.”

Immediately after the article was published, it spread to many online communities, causing waves. Currently, on mobile and the Internet, several actors are being discussed in relation to actor K.

Kim Seon-ho’s agency, Salt Entertainment, who was designated as Mr. K based on Mr. A’s claim, has lost contact on the 18th without receiving any inquiries or coverage from the media.

On the afternoon of the same day, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho revealed that Mr. K was Kim Seon-ho, and said that Kim Seon-ho was struggling with his ex-girlfriend problem.

In the online community DC Inside Male Celebrity Gallery, netizens who said they were fans of Kim Seon-ho posted a statement. The netizen said, “We cannot condone a serious criminal act that causes indescribable pain to the person concerned by disseminating baseless facts or defaming their reputation.”

Amid growing interest in Kim Seon-ho, the company that used him as an advertising model converted related advertisements to private, attracting attention. A pizza brand changed its advertisement featuring Kim Seon-ho from its YouTube channel to private. In addition, posts related to Kim Seon-ho on the company’s SNS have also been deleted.

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