Partition of India and Pakistan: Why was British India partitioned 75 years ago? – BBC News in Chinese

August 13, 2022

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Since 1959, the border guards of both countries have held flag-lowering ceremonies at the Wagah post on the India-Pakistan border at the same time every night. The Waga Post is near Amritsar.

In August 1947, Britain agreed to India’s independence.

British India was divided into India and the new state of Pakistan (East Pakistan later became Bangladesh). This situation has led to increased violence, with approximately 15 million people displaced and an estimated 1 million killed.

India and Pakistan have been hostile ever since.

1947 map of India

Why divide and conquer?

In 1946, Britain announced that it would agree to India’s independence. He can no longer afford to rule the country and wants to leave as soon as possible.

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