Party is good, but Tetris too! The 27th Tet 1 Cup “Mario Party Superstars Collaboration Festival!” Will be held! –funglr Games

The annual event “Tetris 99”, a software limited to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, where the battle royale of 99 players is hot.1 cup of Tet
I couldn’t challenge it until now because it was limited to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but I can play NINTENDO 64 and mega drive games, play “Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest Happy Home Paradise”, and receive the services of Nintendo Switch Online so far. “Tuesday, October 26, 2021 service start”Nintendo Switch Online + additional packI think there are many people who have joined and started anew.
For those of you who have recently started “Tetris 99”That feeling when I took Tet 1 for the first timeI want you to taste it, so I want you to do your best without losing!
By the way, the Tet 1 Cup has been held quite often these days, but it’s been about a month since the 26th with the theme of “Metroid Dread”.As early asThe 27th event has been decided!
This time around the year-end and New Year holidaysA party game that you can enjoy with your family and friendsIt is a collaboration with!

64 too! Megadora too! Atsushimori too! Details of “Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack” announced!

Get the special theme of “Mario Party Superstars”!

The 27th Tet 1 Cup to be held this time is the latest work of the “Mario Party” series that everyone can enjoy.Mario Party SuperstarsIt is a collaboration with “!
Popular from successive seriesNINTENDO 64 “Sugoroku” and 100 carefully selected “mini games”With a title packed with, all gamesLocal communication playnot only,Also supports internet communication playbe doing!
I think there are still many people who are in a difficult situation to get together and have a party, so it’s great to have fun with family and friends in remote areas.
Of course, even one person with rivals all over the worldRandom matchIt’s perfect for the coming season, ahead of Christmas and the year-end and New Year holidays, because you can feel free to get excited!
“Mario Party Superstars”Package version 6,578 yen (tax included), download version 6,500 yen (tax included)Now on sale!
Purchase at the My Nintendo Store or Nintendo Switch’s Nintendo eShop. Or at various stores!
Please check the official website for “Mario Party Superstars”.

This time also during the event period“Tetris 99” modePlay to earn event pointsEarn 100 points and get a special theme without exceptionI can do it!
Event points are given according to the ranking, 100 points for 1st place, 50 points for 2nd place, 30 points for 3rd place … 1 point for 91st to 99th place, so you can always get it if you play at least 100 times. .. Let’s challenge without giving up!
The holding period isDecember 10, 2021 (gold) 16:00 ~ December 14, 2021 (fire) 15:59It has become.
Please check the Nintendo website for details!

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