Passed Korea University with 160 points in the general Lee Cheon-soo … It’s hard to become an idol for the first time


Lee Cheon-soo’s son, who is preparing to become an idol, announced that he received 160 points in the SAT and went to Korea University.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘The Household Men Season 2’, which aired on the 17th, Lee Chun-soo shared his experiences with Lee Joo-eun, who was about to take a test, on ekaruTeik.

Lee Joo-eun decided to get help from a friend and friend’s daughter Shim Ha-eun, who had lived in the United States for 10 years before the national English proficiency test.

Lee Cheon-soo, who was watching Lee Joo-eun while studying, mistakenly said that “Remember” is “memory”, and Lee Joo-eun said, “Oh, that’s changed. Did you know my father lives abroad? I forget everything as I get older,” and Shim Ha-eun admitted, “It’s been a long time.”

Photo = KBS 'Salim Nam' broadcast screen.

Photo = KBS ‘Salim Nam’ broadcast screen.

Lee Chun-su told Lee Joo-eun, who was nervous before the exam, about his SAT experience. Lee Cheon-soo said, “My father graduated from Korea University. When I took the SAT in 1999, my dad played football, so if I got an 80 on the SAT, I went to college.”

When Shim Ha-eun asked, “Isn’t our age 400 points?” Lee Cheon-soo replied, “Because my father likes football. If you do not score over 80, you will not be admitted. I was nervous about not getting over 80 points. But Dad solved the problem. I got 160 points,” he boasted.

Afterwards, the guests arrived, and Lee Joo-eun spoke to Hire in English. When Lee Cheon-soo said he could speak Spanish, he was surprised to see Haire immediately answer in Spanish. After Hire left, Chun-su Lee cleared his computer room and made a study room for Ju-eun Lee. Lee Joo-eun said, “It’s great to have a study room. I can concentrate well.”

By Tae Yuna, staff reporter for Ten Asia

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