Passengers were kicked by cleaners at Rajshahi railway station

Some cleaners have been accused of beating Shimul Islam (35), a passenger of Padma Express train from Dhaka to Rajshahi.

The incident took place at Rajshahi railway station around 7:30 am on Tuesday (January 24). Later, the injured Shimul was taken into custody by the railway police.

Sub-Inspector (SI) of GRP Police Station Shahadat Hossain confirmed the matter.

He said, robbers snatched the vanity bag of a passenger named Kumkum from the lobby of Padma Express train from Dhaka to Rajshahi. The incident took place at Sardah Road Station in Rajshahi. Passengers became angry after the robbery incident. Then the passengers got into an argument with guard Monir Hossain and attendant Tariqul Islam who was in charge of the train. At that time, a complaint was also received that a cleaner was caught and slapped. After this incident, when the train stopped at Rajshahi station, some people along with cleaner Lal Mia beat up Shimul Islam. Later the police went and brought the situation under control.

However, the injured Shimul complained that the cleaners, guards and attendants were involved in the train robbery gang. Otherwise, so many people are not supposed to get into the first class compartment. For protesting this, some cleaners including the guard monir caught me and beat me. I want justice.

SI Shahadat Hossain said, it is a misunderstanding. None of us made a written complaint. However, both passengers said that they will file a written complaint. Legal action will be taken if complaints are received.

Abdur Karim, manager of Rajshahi railway station, said that the robbery happened at Sardah Road station in Rajshahi. When the train arrived at Rajshahi railway station, the incident took place around 7:30 am. We are watching the CCTV footage. I spoke to the GRP police station. The matter is being viewed with importance.

Sakhawat Hussain/MRR/JIM

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