‘Passing Controversy’ Lee Jun-seok’s schedule abruptly canceled… Ghana’s ‘major decision’ to resign as party leader

People’s Strength Representative Lee Jun-seok speaks at a meeting of the Central Women’s Committee held at the People’s Strength Central Party in Yeouido, Seoul on the 29th. Parliamentary photojournalists

People’s Power Representative Lee Jun-seok completely canceled the schedule scheduled for the morning of the 30th.

After leaving a short message on Facebook the night before, saying, “If that’s the case, that’s it,” the scheduled schedule was abruptly canceled, and some observers are speculating that Lee may have entered into the contemplation of resigning as party leader and co-standing election chairman. President Lee was caught up in the so-called Lee Jun-seok passing controversy as he was excluded from major decision-making before and after the inauguration of Yoon Seok-yeol.

According to the party representative’s office, Chairman Lee was scheduled to attend a forum event at a media company at 9 a.m. on the same day, but it was canceled. It is reported that the event is also considered to be canceled, such as attending a ceremony for the Korean Federation of Agricultural Entrepreneurs and a radio interview scheduled for the afternoon.

CEO Lee also left a meaningful message on the social networking service (SNS) Facebook page the night before, saying, “If that’s the case, that’s it.” At around 7:55 pm the previous day, CEO Lee, who posted such a post with the ‘smile mark’ (^^) emoticon, posted an emoticon with ‘^_^p’ at 8:44 pm, about an hour later. The lowercase English ‘p’ in the emoticon is in the shape of the thumb of the ‘thumbnail’ turned upside down toward the ground, and is said to be used as a warning to thoroughly crush the opponent.

Previously, Chairman Lee had not been able to share in advance the schedule for the press conference of co-standing Election Committee Chairman Kim Byung-jun, the launch of the election committee youth committee, and Yun Seok-yeol’s 2 nights and 3 days Chungcheong campaign, or the recruitment of Professor Lee Su-jeong of Kyonggi University, which he opposed the day before, was It was a situation where the ‘Lee Jun-seok passing controversy’ had been raised.

In an interview with CBS Radio the day before, CEO Lee said, “At least the schedule for announcing ‘Lee Jun-seok is going’ is to ask Jun-seok Lee and decide. Discussing ‘in advance’ It’s important,” he said.

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