Passport canceled; Indication that Vijay Babu has entered another country Vijay Babu

Kochi: The External Affairs Ministry has canceled the passport of Vijay Babu, an absconding accused in the case of molesting a newcomer actress. The action was taken on the basis of the report submitted by the Kochi City Police. With this, Vijay Babu’s visa will also be canceled. There are indications that Vijay Babu, realizing this in advance, went to another country where there was no agreement with India to hand over the captives.

After the cancellation of his passport, the police, with the help of Interpol, arrested Vijay Babu and tried to repatriate him. Vijay Babu was advised to stay in Dubai until the High Court rules on his anticipatory bail application. But in the meantime, with the cancellation of his passport and visa, it will be illegal to stay in Dubai.

Defendant’s lawyers have also made arrangements to approach the Supreme Court if the High Court rejects the anticipatory bail application. Meanwhile, Vijay Babu had to leave Dubai without waiting for the verdict to come. The police registered a case against Vijay Babu on the 22nd of last month on the complaint of the newcomer actress.

English Summary: Vijay Babu’s passport cancelled

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