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behind the hottest mom “Pat Napapha” post a video clip “When Pat wants another child” In his own YouTube channel, PatNapapa, and the content in the clip reveals that he traveled to check his health, check his body, and consult a doctor about pumping a second heir because of a son like “Nong Racing” told Mother Pat that “I want a younger brother” The sweetheart who recently launched a relationship like Police Lieutenant Naphat He said that he wanted to have children. causing many people to interpret in many ways that Pat is going to have good news or not But some netizens commented under the clip with disrespectful messages.

Recently, “Pat” opened his mind through the entertainment show that he was not pregnant. And the reason that I went to check my health because I hadn’t checked in 5 years, so I took the opportunity to check my body. in case plans to have another heir in the future As for keyboard trolls with rude comments, be prepared. Pat will sue for sure. Evidence is being gathered now.

by “Pat” confirmed that he was not pregnant just a late period But if anyone who watches the clip from beginning to end can’t just watch the headline, they’ll understand. and not commenting on anything retarded like that The reason they go for a health check is because they want everyone to check their health. Because he hadn’t had a health check in 5 years because he was afraid that he would only go to the doctor when he was sick. then the uterine examination Because I talked to my son, Nong Racing, whether he wanted to have a younger brother or not. The son said he wanted a younger brother. But we don’t know when it will be. But it’s good to see a doctor. in case we have a long-term plan So she decided to consult a doctor and have a health check-up, physical examination, hysterectomy, mammogram. The results came out, everything was normal. The uterus was clean and very clean. The doctor said that if I could have children, I could If but not yet It is advisable to save the eggs first as they are 35 years old and the quality of the eggs is good. You may have them in 2-3 years, but if you decide to collect eggs at 40, the eggs may not be as perfect as they are now.

Asked if you were shocked by the news that happened. Pat replied that you weren’t shocked. because before deciding to talk I asked the other party if I wanted to have children. because for those who had been married and had children I felt that having children was not necessary. But you who have never been covered replied that he would like to have because he loves children But it’s not anytime soon for people commenting. He’s not serious at all if anyone asks if it’s too soon to have children. just can’t get in a relationship He views that everyone has the right to think. But some comments are not at all. Using words that threaten their womb Plus, the person who commented is also a man. He is now gathering evidence. Prepare to sue to protect your rights. He didn’t want an apology. but will sue for people who like to comment Think carefully before typing anything.-Nine Entertainment

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