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Pat Napapha says she doesn’t talk to other people. Accepting the police as a girlfriend – Jang got a mount as a third hand!?

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Pat Napapha accepts status with a young police officer. Naphat is now a girlfriend. Jang was mounted as a third hand. As for Po Anop, it’s about the future.

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No need to reconcile again. It’s over. Pat Napapha rang through the show. Spicy, fun, entertainment, Channel 8, the first place today that he has come back to associate with a young police officer, Mr. Naphat Chaiprapha, ready to use the word boyfriend, do not talk to other people, talk to only one person Revealed that he used to be angry after reading the comments of a girl on the page, Je Moi 108, thought he was a third person. And I didn’t know that Mr. Naphat had just broken up with his ex-boyfriend for 5 days before asking for a relationship to clarify the relationship with Po Anop. It’s a future story!

Pat Napapha

Anna : The other day, I went on a show that we have a heart for Po, is it true?

Pat : We don’t say we have a heart. He opened before that he went for an interview at one that Pat was a spec which Pat never knew that he likes a woman who looks like this a puppet like this When that show came to interview us, did you know this? That Po likes me, so I said I never knew. Because when we talk, we only talk about shoes. Po never said that he liked me. Outside the circle never talk to us.

After that, he asked us if it’s like a po, a specification or not? She looks like this, the specification of women all over the world. whole country women What’s wrong with him? This is the specification of women all over the country, handsome, kind, cute, caring, take care, good shape, talent, good at cooking. Play music, sing because Well, I like him as he’s so cute. This guy, this kid is cute. At that time, I didn’t know if I wanted to or didn’t want to be with him.

Well, Pat has Pat’s wall as well. The fact that Pat saw that it was at this level It might be better that we stepped in more. That is, Pat told us all the time that we will start, especially with people in the industry. and also work together It’s a very difficult decision. It’s not that today we broke up, we broke up, and we didn’t see each other again. But Pat and today assume that the story goes beyond that that we are dating. And today we broke up Do you still dare to sit here and work with Pat? It’s a far more thoughtful idea. so how? And the po is still not as clear as he said. he was never clear But is there anyone who is more clear?

Anna : Let me ask you, the day before you went on the show, why suddenly someone clearer came out?

Pat : Well, actually, I don’t want to talk about that person. Actually, I’m not ready to tell you, but you open it first (smile). You open it on the 19th in the afternoon, so mom opens it on the 19th at night.

Pat Napapha

Anna : As soon as I opened it, I was shocked too?

Pat : It’s shocking the whole country, not just Po (laughs). It’s something that no one knows. Pat’s best friend doesn’t know yet. is it is not yet time That went to post a picture, the child has already opened. Pat followed. Because after the child spoke, the reporter called. I can’t stop agreeing with what you mean. Is it the ice captain? Pat said that the ice captain cut it. He is Pat’s best friend. and then go get the picture that Pat and Captain Ice put up Pat said no. When Pat answered no, he asked who else. So Pat thinks that the best answer is to post a picture. For Pat Probably the answer will not have to say much

Anna : Then the news came that This guy already has a boyfriend?

Pat : Yes, the story that opens and closes is this. Listen, the person who started the story listens. The story is that I really wanted to ask him myself. I mean, like during the time we talked, Pat didn’t know, came to know from the comments from Jae Moi 108, and replied to tag that person. Well, Pat is a real person. Don’t play with Pat Well, he chose to cut himself. Cut a few holes but enough (Lollipop)

is when Pat is like opening in IG stories After that, Jay Moi Khao cap went down. After that, people commented, trying to expose him. story of this woman Which Pat asked what the truth is. what happened Which Pat didn’t wait for an answer, Pat closed it and didn’t talk to him either. When I saw the comment, Pat was closed. open and close I’m too lazy to listen to it first.

Is it a problem? Is it a problem that Pat has to face? So it’s over, Pat is not in the age to wait for anything. Look, 9 years, still can’t measure anything. For Pat, Pat thinks that every minute of Pat’s time is valuable. Who will see that it opens quickly? Wow, then you have to close it. It’s good, so you don’t have to waste time. Because the time for Pat doesn’t measure whether dating for 9 years will be good, 10 years will be good.

Pat Napapha

Anna: Are you really asking, are you sarcastic?

Pat : No irony at all, Pat already said that if you don’t talk This picture will not happen Pat Kum Luk is also not a live program.

Anna: So how did you get it all cleared up?

Pat : concluded that the person is the old man that he didn’t tell anyone that he broke up And then push to have the last trip before Pattaya. Before asking to meet with Pat

Anna: How long was that trip?

Pat : Before starting with Pat 5 days

Anna: Well, the policeman had a trip with his ex-boyfriend 5 days ago, 5 days later, he debuted with Pat?

Pat : No, he asked us to date after that. which Pat never knew about this woman before. Throughout the months we talked, we never knew. Come to know because of posting pictures This is a plus. So Pat thought that if that day I didn’t post pictures. Today Pat will never know about this.

Anna: Afraid of being seen as a third person?

Pat : Here, this is the point that makes Pat very angry. Pat thinks that Pat shouldn’t be in this kind of situation. Because Pat is very careful of himself. Always be careful If you’re dating someone, then watch and watch again. Which we said that we asked from Naf (niece) and then asked from his friend. and look at him You can see from his house. Nobody mentioned this woman at all.

Anna : So there’s a point of digging in and dating?

Pat : No, he’s already cleared up with that woman. That trip was the last trip he had cleared. After he cleared it, he dared to ask for a relationship with us.

Pat Napapha

Anna: But before that, did he come to ask for a clearing?

Pat : No, that was before. Pat made a program on a YouTube channel called On Sale, which Pat only recruits singles. Now Naf introduced this person. To come out on the Pat show that this person is single to come out on the show We had only just begun to talk after this discussion came up. Why didn’t we know this before? Then something bad happened. such as what the woman did not understand or people on social media don’t understand Do you think Pat is going to steal you?

which Pat never thought to steal anything from anyone I never thought of separating any man. able to find wisdom Pat has the ability to find out on his own. and while you talk Pat doesn’t talk to you alone. So what’s the matter? Don’t put Pat in the third-person state while talking to anyone. Pat has people to talk to all the time. Everyone is Pat’s friend.

Anna : Still haven’t decided who is the boyfriend?

Pat : Well, that’s right, Pat didn’t mean to open it.

Anna: So, is that policeman a girlfriend or not?

Pat : Why use that word? Let him stay like this (laughs) is about to open a relationship, and wherever the child opens and So it launched, but the problem came before it closed.

Anna: I’m very curious. Who is it now?

Pat : Well, this person has already opened. Cleared someone else to come. This person. He has come to be confused. It’s good.

Anna: Enough with Po first?

Pat : It’s this person and Po. It’s about the future. I’ll tell this person to stop talking to us first (laughs). Well, in conclusion, it’s not funny. We’re based on the truth. we speak the truth There will be nothing we can do One day we started with a lie Those lies will become knives that stab us later. When we lie, people are already ready to stomp us. ready to dig us The more he knows, the more he digs in what we don’t say. We’ll hurt even more.

Anna : Tell the police. What state are we in now?

Pat : (laughs, blushing) Well, yes. (Nods.)

Anna: Okay, it’s over?

Pat : It’s ok Now there is only one policeman (Applause) No one anymore, there is only one policeman (repeat)

Police Boyfriend Pat Napapha

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