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Patients with COVID-19 Chiang Mai continues to heal at the hospital, but the number of new infections has not stopped – widespread in communities

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Chiang Mai – Patients with COVID-19 Chiang Mai carried out the clothes and belongings to the hospital after a total of 222 cases, while the number of new infections continued to increase. The authorities have to expedite the proactive screening of the communities and families that are facing more outbreaks. To bring it into the treatment system, extract and spread the infection

A report from Chiang Mai said that This afternoon (22 Apr. 64) at Sanam Hospital, Chiang Mai Province. The International Convention and Exhibition Center commemorates the 7th anniversary of His Majesty the King’s birthday. COVID-19 patient population Of Chiang Mai in the outbreak of April 64 who were admitted to Sanam Hospital and dozens of people recovered Get permission from the doctor to go home Both family and friends picked up and returned on their own, while a new patient was reported to be reported for treatment in a field hospital. And those exposed to risk are continually screened for infection at allocated locations as well.

Today, the Chiang Mai Provincial Health Office reported that Today, Chiang Mai Province has detected a person infected with COVID-19. 237 more new cases, totaling 2,819 cases of the new outbreak. Currently, there are 2,597 hospitalized patients and 222 have been fully recovered, while the risk groups have been examined with a total of more than 36,000. Today is considered to be an upstart increase after yesterday, adding only 99 people from the previous 12 consecutive days of hundreds of hundreds, and the most 281 on April 11, 64.

In this regard, from the situation arising, Chiang Mai Province has urged public health officials and the Royal Biosafety Vehicle to proactively detect infection in vulnerable groups in various communities All over Chiang Mai to screen people who are infected quickly It is predicted that patients in the Chiang Mai entertainment center cluster are likely to have entered the treatment process almost completely. But this time it is likely to be an infection in the family or community without knowing it and without symptoms. Especially in areas with timeline to detect new patients, such as Nong Hoi Housing Community, City Hall, Chiang Mai Gate Market, Warorot Market, Mae Kae Market, Royal Park Rajapruek. Rajamangala University of Lanna, for example, there is still a primary infection screening point at the 7 International Convention and Exhibition Center.

For patients who have been discharged from the hospital Guidelines to behave when returning home Although you do not need to detain yourself alone But let’s keep social distance Always wear a mask Especially when meeting with other people Still need to wash your hands regularly Including before and after touching a risk point shared by other people in the house, such as doorknobs, handrails, etc., do not share dining equipment with others. Do not get in contact with patients with respiratory tract infections because they are easily infected. Avoid being in crowded places. The 14-day public trip is important to provide information to staff to monitor symptoms after leaving the hospital to monitor for possible complications. If you have high fever, coughing, tiredness, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, immediately contact a medical facility


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