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Pattani, dark red, covids 514 new infections, 6 deaths – Post Today, regional news

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Pattani dark red, 514 new infections, 6 deaths

Date 09 Oct. 2021 time 10:43

Pattani-Pattani, dark red, COVID-19 6 more deaths 514 new infections in the district, the highest city, 1,302, accelerate the injection of Pfizer students – students

Covid-19 epidemic situation in the area of ​​Pattani Province still worried The number of infected people continues to rise. and is still a dark red area The total number of infections on October 8 showed 514 new cases and six new deaths, so far the total number of infections is 25,581, 16,491 recovered and 320 deaths. This number, Mueang District, has the highest number of infected people, 1,302 and if it is found that the infection continues to increase non-stop The bed in the field hospital would not be enough to accommodate. Currently, there are only 883 beds left.

For those infected in Pattani province, the increase is high. due to the relaxation measures causing people to return to normal and careless lives, many people do not wear masks and not social distancing especially doing group activities Celebrating parties, restaurants, tea shops, affecting the infection and spreading the coronavirus to more communities and families. causing people to worry and panic, fearing that the lockdown will be more stringent In addition, Pattani province is concerned about the emergence of new clusters, such as a cluster of grilled beef restaurants. and wedding cluster However, the current infections are not clustered as in the previous round. But it is an infection between 2 people before spreading the infection widely.

Mr. Niphan Boonluang, Governor of Pattani Province Emphasize that all officers has accelerated the work under the strict authority especially public relations to create understanding for people to strictly follow the announced measures as well as for everyone to be careful to protect themselves when you know you are at risk You have to quarantine yourself and your family. Along with the detection of infection in the risk group Antigen Test Kit (ATK)

The reporter also reported that at the vaccination center Auditorium of Pattani Provincial Administrative Organization still have vaccinations Pfizer continues to provide students aged 12 years and over. It was found that there were students There are 68,367 students in Pattani province who have been vaccinating 43,619 people. Over the past 2 days, more than 4,000 students have received vaccinations.

Meanwhile, on October 9-10, Pattani Hospital is open to the general public aged 18 years and over. They can travel for the first dose of vaccination without reservation. Which will be open to receive the vaccine per day, 2,000 people will receive the first dose of Sinovac, the second dose of AstraZeneca.




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