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Pattani Uam, 9 cases of infection in one day, awaiting results for 89 more cases.

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Pattani reporter reports April 24, 2021 on the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic. In Pattani Nine confirmed cases of COVID-19 were confirmed yesterday, 18 of those confirmed and 89 awaited results.

Cases 1-7 are patients receiving treatment under the state nurse’s council and are able to control any disease.

The 8,9,10 person is a family member. Infected from a relative from Songkhla Who came to visit Pattani house

Number 11 is a waiter at an entertainment place named Tid Lom. Infection from employees together

Case 12,13 is a husband and wife. Who were Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn employees infected by attending the meeting With infected people participating in Songkhla Province

The 14th is a cashier. At entertainment venues Name of the restaurant Tidlom Infection from employees together

Case 15,16 is husband and wife Infected by visiting relatives Sick relatives from other provinces

No. 17 is an employee of the Pattani Land Office

Number 18 is Government Savings Bank, Nong Chik Road, Pattani Province.

For Pattani Province, the transmission of the infection has continued to expand. Causing statistics of patients to increase every day Including increased exposure And that still cannot be followed by many more people Including trying to keep those returning from the provinces at risk To report to And to detain himself for 14 days, it cannot be done completely And a large list of returning people Cannot follow at all Causing many parties to worry Including the predictions that came out that were not very effective Including the timelight information of those infected The province was not clearly announced. As a result, as many as 15 people in the area, especially the urban districts affected by the disease, are worried about the spread of COVID-19, he said.

Just like today, people infected with Pattani It was found that the number of infected people skyrocketed within a single day, adding 9 more patients. Suddenly Can not stop the spread of the disease.

However, Pattani Province has strict preventive measures. By requiring people to wear a mask every time Always use the hand sanitizer, spaced at a distance, as well as being careful. Myself if there is a fever To seek immediate medical attention And if someone in the family is infected, notify the agent Do not transport the patient yourself. For safety

Another reporter reported that At Big C Pattani Officers who have sprayed all over the point. To kill COVID 19 after it was found that 1 in 18 infected people were people in Talubo Sub-district, Muang District, Pattani Province, MiTam Line traveled to Big C Pattani Department Store on April 13 at 2:00 pm. – 16.00 hrs., Which is currently being treated at Siroros Hospital Pattani


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