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“Patti” joins Hyoju – Daniel Kang, opening the first round, Honda LPGA.

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“Pro Miao” Paphangkorn Thawatchakit, the world’s 12th best female pro, joins Kim Hyo Joo, the HSBC Women’s World Championship champion with Daniel Kang, the world’s sixth-hand pro. The battle of “Honda LPGA Thailand 2021” will kick off the first round of duel on Thursday May 6 at Siam Country Club, Pattaya Old Course, Chonburi Province.

The LPGA Tour is preparing to duel for the second Asian swing, the “Honda LPGA Thailand 2021” battle, “Honda LPGA Thailand 2021”, to win a total prize money of 1.6 million dollars. US or about 50 million baht at the Siam Country Club, Pattaya Old Course, 6,576 yards 72, Chonburi Province Between 6 – 9 May, 72 golfers compete without cutting. By competing in a closed field Not open to golf fans.

This tournament has 10 Thai golfers competing, including Pro Miao – Papangkorn Thawatchanakit, Prome – Eriya Jutanugarn, Promotion – Moriya Jutanugarn, Pro Jan – Wichanee Meechai, Pro Waen – Porn Anong Phetlum, Pro Jasmine – Thidapa Suwannapuraphai, Pro Miao – Pajaree Anantnarikarn, Pro Gene – Ataya Thitikul, Promind – Kan Panitanan, Muang Kham Sakul and Pro Proud – Chaneti Wan Saen

Most recently, the competition management team revealed the first round of the duel on Thursday. By interesting groups like Pro Miao-Papangkorn Thawatchakit or “Patti”, the ANA Institution Major Champion, will play in the same group as Daniel Kang, the world’s No. 6 Korean-American pro, and Ki. Mhyo Ju, who recently won the HSBC Women’s World Championship in Singapore on Sunday. All three will start at Hole 1 at 9:48 AM.

While Prome-Eriya will join the group with 8 world-wide Lydia Ko from New Zealand and Amiyang Degree, this 3-time champion from South Korea at 10:00 am. Promotion – Moriya will play in the same group as Na Sanataoka, 11th in the world from Japan, and Charlie Hull, the 2016 CME Group Tour champion from England, at 9.36 hours, while pro-Gene-Atya will start the first round with Minjili Lee. World’s 10th hand from Australia and Ayako Uehara, the world’s 236th professional from Japan at 9:24 AM.

Prome-Eriya Jutanugarn

Daniel Kang, a Korean American pro


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