“Patty” review of life after marriage Marriage has not yet been registered. Do not change your last name.

“Patty”‘s review of life after marriage Very cool, no different from before I’m still not familiar with the word husband, but “Dan” takes good care of me as before. waiting for marriage registration but it won’t change the last name I want to travel before I don’t have children yet. Clearing the knot of the drama Ruean Ho just arguing for fun

After holding a good time on November 2, 2022, holding hands for a simple wedding ceremony at Ratchabophit Temple, Sathit Maha Simaram with two family and close friends joining, most recently today (November 13), the bride with a red label “Patti Ungsumalin Siraphatsakmetha” take a husband “Dan Worawech Danuwong” Coming out to work together for the first time after changing status Unfortunately, Dan Ifanc came to this work Newly come to sing. it did not come out for an interview together in any way

“Reviewing life after marriage seriously, Pat doesn’t feel much different from before. very cold Because now I’m still with my mother. stay at home I haven’t moved anywhere yet. As for Dan, he took good care of him like before (laughs) He asked if he was familiar with the word husband or not. I’m still not familiar with it. because after that day I still think that eh Are we like this already? But in Pat’s corner, Pat still feels that everything is the same. Maybe it’s because we’ve been dating for a long time.”

happy once in a lifetime to have received conch water from the Supreme Patriarch
“In fact, I’m very happy, I’m glad that once in my life had a chance to see you and received holy water Today there is an offering. and then make the merit of having a family as the main Because the church is limited to 20 people only, we have to choose a part of it. In fact, there are many relatives who want to come too. but he may not be able to come from them all.”

No wedding ceremony just eating together in the family
“Actually, it’s mostly more merit-making. But there will be food for both houses. arranged in the hotel dining inside already arranged We just ate together, focusing on family, personal relations, Pat, a lot of relatives, so that was a tight one, to be honest, that day my friends came to make merit.

The intention was to want to make something as simple as possible.
“Actually, it was originally Pat and Pee Dan. That is, there is already a rough idea that we want whatever we want. The most comfortable, the lightest, we do not want to stress. And with a length that is very tight We feel we can ask for anything. where we are comfortable, comfortable and relaxed with our family first.”

I don’t have dreams like other girls. who wants to wear many sets if not an entertainer There may not even be any work at all.
“No, but to tell the truth, Pat told Brother Dan. that if Pat wasn’t here Probably talk and then get married easily, maybe you don’t even need to do any work. Fortunately Dan and I seem to be heading in a similar direction. It will be quite cold. And want whatever is the most comfortable, simple, to do something we are very flexible.”

not yet registered marriage but will not change last name
“Not yet (laughs) I haven’t seen the promising time yet, I might have to look and look at the time again. Let’s talk about it. Pat hasn’t thought about that at all, but Pat actually wants to use his last name. Because with the mother take the name of the only mouse in the house in the surname And everyone changes the name after the last name. So I felt that eh. Our name is the main name of a surname. I still want to use this last name. that your mother intends to live But if using Dan’s last name together It’s going to be very long. Sirapat Sakmetha, and then Danuwong, oh … let’s leave it for now. Let me think about it first (laughs).

The progress of the house has reached 80 percent. I have not dared to knock on the end date. Because it has been many times already.
“I got about 80 percent already. Asked when he was ready to move in. In fact, it kept coming. So, I still don’t dare to say when. There is a lot of detail in many sections, including the project section itself. the furniture department itself It is already a deadline several times. So I don’t dare date the line anymore. Now it is in the same place. As for Brother Dan, he lives in a condo. “

Clear drama, review clip from the house Just arguing for fun I don’t think it’s a problem.
“Well, there are a lot of comments that are quite sensitive to Dan. so we feel So let’s come out and clear some parts. Because of that clip, at first we planned to talk and play as an argument. funny controversial because it is the structure of the house But in the end, it seems like a little problem. But we do it for everyone’s comfort. We came out to explain. That the clip we take a long time ago Now it has changed a lot as if That’s about it.”

Seeing comments so strong that I feel uncomfortable So I want to come out and explain, I’m happy, well, nothing.
“Actually, nothing at all. I mean, if people actually watch the clip, they’ll usually know it when Pat and Pee Dan are filming on YouTube on the channel. There will be some controversy. to add color to the clip I had absolutely no other intentions. Brother Dan told me not to take it next time. is that some comments use words that may seem a little too strong Brother Dan, he accepted this place quickly. in terms of human speech Ask any comments that make you uncomfortable. Pat doesn’t want to mark it as a comment. But it means the combination that many people have said in that way. So we just came out to explain. But don’t worry. We are both happy, nothing, because our intentions are not that way anyway. We came out to explain.”

About the child, I haven’t planned yet. Let’s take a tour first If ready to update via YouTube channel
“To be honest, I haven’t planned that much yet. I think I want to travel a bit first. But anyway, everyone can follow them on the channel. If something has been updated and we haven’t met. You can follow him on Dan Patty’s YouTube channel.

This December, get ready for a honeymoon in Japan.
“I have plans for December this year, to go to Japan, that is, since the COVID came. I haven’t been abroad for two years. I feel like Japan is the first country I want to go to. It’s easy to go there. There are many memories. Pat and Dan went to Japan quite a bit. But this time, I want to feel like going skiing together. Never had a chance to play anything like this together. want to travel first together first Haven’t planned that much at all. There may be many things at the time we are ready, whether it’s right, this time or not (but in the future, it gotta be sure, right?) Go ask P’Dan again (laughs) Ask if Dan will be too old. I think it’s not serious. because I like to travel Now we think alike.

The wedding ring is already made. But only wear a small band because it catches other people’s eye
“Yes, Brother Dan took me to do it. He thought if I had to wear it for a long time He wanted it to be a group we were happy with. Which design do you like? (Deliberately wearing it with you all the time?) Take it off I’m wearing it because I came to the event. Usually, I don’t dare to wear it. I felt that it caught other people’s eye a bit (laughs), but in fact there was a normal band attached to a little finger, which was the band I asked for at that time. He will wear that band mostly if everyday life But sometimes Pat likes to be comfortable. I’m not very careful, I’ll keep it Brother Dan is not offended. He didn’t think so at all.”

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