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At the 7:31 mark in the third quarter, Kevin Durant scored the very-and-1 dunk driving for assistance from Klay Thompson. After your KD hit the cheap throw, it was 94-63. The game was over…

Only one said to the clippers.

Directed by a great game from Lou Williams, the Clippers made the Warriors Warriors 72-37 to overcome and they completed the biggest back in NBA fun history, and in the end they took the first one with Landry Shammet three minutes and won them 135-131 victory.

The first round series is now connected to Los Angeles for 3 Thursday Game.

If the Warriors were to lose a game (or more) in this series, it was intended that they got bored, did not respect the game or clippers, and would come back to grasp them. the clippers do not give up. That is what happened in the last 19.5 minutes.

“When I say we stopped playing, we stopped playing, defending, committing, executing sensibly we were not as active as we wanted,” said Warriors coach, Steve Kerr after the match. “We got exactly what we deserved. The clippers were amazing. They completed, were hungry, they stayed connected. They were together. ”

Lou Williams, the reign and the chance of repeating the Sixth Man of the Year, was not very successful. Hitting a hard shot after a tough shot left left, plus the best game I can remember is that he saw it.

There is worse news at the heroes from this game: DeMarcus Cousins ​​hurt his quadricep going down loose ball, he went to the locker room and did not return. Tough doctors are scared to put an end to their playoffs (and would affect its free agency next summer)

It was a harsh night for the heroes. They will still win the series, but this was the first reminder (probably some of them) that they cannot win a coast.

In addition to Williams's grand night, another great game at Montrezl Harrell was in this series with 25, and Danilo Gallinari had 24 years.

29 were Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant 21 for the heroes.


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