Paul Manafort Florida sells Home to Wife for $ 10 - It's Now Up to Rent for $ 14K per Month t

Paul Manafort Florida sells Home to Wife for $ 10 - It's Now Up to Rent for $ 14K per Month  t

Florida house which was previously owned by Paul Manafort is now available for rent. He was sold by the degraded consultant to his wife Kathleen for $ 10 while in prison.


A Florida owned house by Paul Manafort now available for rent. The degraded political advisor sold it to his wife, Kathleen, for $ 10 while you are in prison. The home of Palm Beach, FL, can now be leased for 1,400 times its purchase price – or $ 14,000 – per month.

The former chairman of the Trump campaign is behind bars for federal financial crimes brought against us Robert MuellerEl special investigation of advocates.

As part of a plea deal with the government, the 70-year-old worker agreed to age forfeiture of a huge property portfolio in New York, including brownstone Brooklyn, a house in the Hamptons, Loft SoHo. , and Tower Trump condo.

However, the discarding of Florida's residence appeared to be part of an explicit exemption. Manafort was registered to vote at the launch since 2011, according to the Daily Palm Beach.

Perhaps a woman would keep the house, Manafort transferred the property deed to her until the nominal sum of $ 10, Forbes reported.

This transaction was carried out in the Virginia prison and was dropped by two members of his legal team and stamped with Virginia's notary seal being filed five days later with Palm Beach County Clerk, ”the publication said.

However, the lobbyist was then charged with infringing his plea agreement by locating federal investigators last year, questioning whether the home would remain with his family, although he is no longer.

For today, property records show that the property is in the name of Kathleen Manafort.

The couple bought the 4,034 foot-foot house in 2007 for $ 1.5 million. The President lives in a Mediterranean residence about 15 miles Donald TrumpPermanently established residence As-a-Lago.

Former Paul Manafort's house


Sitting room

Media room

Outdoor food

Swimming Pool and Spa

The refurbished space includes a living room, formal dining room, family room, and an open kitchen. In addition, the layout has an office, an average room, and an outside access.

The master string also opens outside, and includes a seating area and master bath with a separate tub and dual spill.

Outside, an examined dining area opens into a swimming pool, spa and lounge area.

Another property owned by Paul Manafort once came on the market in September. The luxury condo in high-rise Alexandria, VA, which was enclosure, was the famous site of a raid "without knock" FBI, in July 2017. Documents relating to Manafort were seized as part of a Mueller investigation. This property is currently outside the market.

The Republican Party's campaign consultant had long been chairman of the Trump presidential campaign in 2016, before it was replaced. Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. It is to be released from prison in 2024.


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