“Pay back XX money”… Child actor Kim Ji-young, rapper ex-girlfriend 2nd warning [종합]

The second revelation of the so-called ‘debt’ towards Kim Ji-young, a former child actor, was predicted. The opponent is none other than rapper ACHILLO.
On the 1st, Achilo posted on her SNS, “Jiyoung-ah, why didn’t I just give you 180 won (10,000 won) quickly? My mom contacted the credit card company and it worked, and when she had time, she always calculated everything It would be 1800 instead of 180. Good job. Legal response Don’t say fuck you. You lose anyway”, she wrote a warning with somewhat radical words and actions.

Next, A-Chlo told Kim Ji-young, “Pay the money back to the lawyer. If we don’t get it by the 13th, we will reveal it a second time on the 14th. And the album will be drop on the 15th. If you don’t pay by the 13th, get ready for the 9 o’clock news.” It is legal and not scary.

Achilo made his first revelation about Kim Ji-young in January. He claimed that he was Kim Ji-young’s boyfriend and that his parents had provided Kim Ji-young, who had run away from home, with a place to live. However, the two ended their relationship, and Kim Ji-young promised to pay a total of 1.8 million won, including 800,000 won for the loss of the cat money and won 1 million, which is half of the room cancellation fee. In addition to this, he expressed regret that he did not receive food costs, monthly rent, and mobile phone bills.

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In response, Kim Ji-young said, “I sincerely apologize to everyone who must have felt disappointed and confused because of this incident.” “We are currently in the process of preparing to deal with the content of the article and related problems through legal consultation with our parents. I’m sorry to give you bad news. Again, I’m sorry. I will tell you about other progress later. I’m sorry,” suggests legal action. It’s a situation where Aichilo expressed deep anger at this reaction.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-young, born in 2005, made her debut in the 2012 SBS drama ‘Sweet Rain in My Life’. After that, in 2014, he made his face known by playing the role of Equipment Team in the MBC drama ‘Jangbori is Here’. Recently, he has been active in the web drama ‘There is no Goo Pil-soo’. As a trainee under Starship Entertainment in 2018, Achilo worked as a project group with ‘K-Pop Star 6’ winner Park Hyun-jin and rapper Jo Woo-chan.

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