PayMe launches new group Li is the functional girl group COLLAR Marf, Day become new advertising favorites (16:47) – 20220117 – Instant Financial News

HSBC said that this time’s Li is the function, users can send a fixed amount to each payee, or choose to send “Lucky Li is” to let relatives and friends receive a random amount. The maximum group benefit per fixed amount is $200. If the user chooses to set the link, a maximum of 10,000 yuan can be distributed in one go.

Starting tomorrow, PayMe users will be able to send e-letters to up to 100 recipients at once, complete with greetings. Users can choose to send it directly to the designated recipient, or set a link and copy it to a social communication app to share.

From tomorrow to February 15th, users who use PayMe to distribute group profits and have at least 5 recipients claim them will receive a reward of 28 yuan. The reward amount will be automatically deducted when users spend RMB 50 or more with PayMe at about 20,000 online and physical PayMe for Business merchants in Hong Kong. During the promotion period, each user can get a maximum of 3 rewards.

HSBC also pointed out that PayMe will hold the “Pay PayMe Grab Profits” interactive game on the social platform Instagram. Users upload videos competing with their friends to have a chance to win games played by Jiang Tao, Wang Wanzhi, Qiu Yantong (Marf), Xu Yi ( Day) and a PayMeow gift signed by YouTuber Chicken.

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