PDF studio and SFERO design team up to create a 3D printed Apple AirPods Max headphone bag

An apple AirPods Max In terms of fashion, it can be said that earmuff headphones are a fashionable item in everyone’s hands. As their popularity continues to spread, it has even spawned many creative projects, including different shapes and colors of case accessories, and the turn this will be the theme again The striking design appears for the first time – the creative brand PDF (PROJECT DOMENICO FORMICHETT), led by graphic designer and stylist Domenico Formichetti, has teamed up with r two-person design studio SFERO to use 3D printing technology to create shaped earphone-bags.

The clamshell handbag called “PROTO BAGS” draws on the outline of Apple AirPods Max and develops it. In addition to revealing many bright colors, Domenico Formichetti also buckles a BANDANA head scarf that is also printed 3D on the side of the small bag, through the picture to show that the bag can have decorative accessories just like the earphones.

There is no word on whether the interesting “PROTO BAGS” will be released to the public.


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