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‘PDP’ convenes a meeting of MPs on June 21 to discuss readiness to amend the constitution

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20 June 2021


Ong-art emphasizes 5 principles of constitutional amendment of the Democratic Party, ready for a meeting of the National Democratic Party on June 21

Mr. Ongart Klampaiboon, Member of the List of Members of the House of Representatives As deputy party leader and chairman of the Democratic Party MPs, revealed that the Democratic Party convened a meeting of MPs on June 21 at 1:30 p.m. to prepare for the parliamentary meeting to consider a motion to amend the Constitution. As for the Democratic Party submitted a motion to amend the Constitution, 6 issues, 6 issues:

1. Amendments to the Constitution granting people rights, community rights, consumer rights Better land ownership rights

2. Decentralization of local power to benefit the people more than they are today

3. Provide fraud prevention can actually do especially the corruption of independent organizations such as the NACC, which the constitution allows for compromise

4. Make it easier to amend the Constitution than it is. If the rules in the current constitution still apply It’s almost impossible to amend the constitution.

5. Create a mechanism that makes the selection of the Prime Minister more connected with the people

and 6. to amend the voting system to use 2 ballot papers so that people can actually exercise their rights to express their intentions

“In proposing to amend the Constitution of the Democratic Party, five main principles are taken into account, namely increasing people’s power and reducing state power. Those who come to power must truly be in line with the people’s will. Corruption prevention and suppression are practical and democratic by the people for the people. which the Democratic Party believes If constitutional amendments can be passed through parliament It will be a fundamental contribution that will build on the transformation towards a better economic, social and political that will ultimately contribute to the country’s progress,” said Ong.

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