PDRC mob jailed for obstructing MPs recruitment 2013, for 18-24 months, not awaiting punishment

On March 28, in courtroom 804, Criminal Court, Ratchadaphisek Road, the Court was scheduled to hear the verdict of the mob blocking the recruitment of MPs for the Black Case 231/2565. The prosecutor in Special Case 4 is the plaintiff who is suing Mr Chanon Khanthong and 13 people, a mass of the people’s committee rally for the transformation of Thailand into a complete democracy. with the King as Head of State (PDRC) as the person accused in the crime Join together of 10 or more people to cause chaos in the country.

The plaintiff’s prosecutor brought the case to court on February 3, 2022, stating that the offense was filed, in conclusion, on December 26, 2013, during lunch time, the defendant and many others who had not yet come to sue jointly. have and use weapons by intimidating and attacking officers by using cars equipped with sound amplifiers, throwing, shooting glass balls, bolt heads, three-sided sticks, worm-like cement blocks. enter the staff Pull the garbage truck back to hit the door to open the way and then circle the 1st and 2nd entrances. from the Bangkok Youth Center (Thailand-Japan), Din Daeng, before an invasion inside the West Sports Building 2, besieged the building, preventing the staff of the polling station from carrying out their duties. Applying for a party list election for members of the House of Representatives (SSS) between December 23-27, 2013, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, which is an offense against the law. The incident happened in the sub-district – Din Daeng district, Bangkok.

Ask the accused to be punished in accordance with Section 58,83,90 of the Criminal Code, Organic Act 2007 on Election Commissions, and

The defendants were released on bail.

The court considered and actions All 13 defendants were found guilty of offenses under the Criminal Code, Section 215, second paragraph, 216, 365(1) (2), in conjunction with Section 362, 364 of the Commission Act Electoral BE 2550, Section 43, paragraph two (formerly). ) in conjunction with the Criminal Code, Section 83. The act of the 13 defendants is a single act, an offense against multiple laws, punishable by joint foundation. Trespassing on real estate and homes using violence or threatening to use violence By obtaining weapons or by committing a crime jointly by two or more people, which is the law with the heaviest penalty under Section 90 of the Criminal Code, imprisonment for 2 years , increasing the penalty for the second defendant, a third according to the Criminal Code, Section 92 is imprisonment for the defendant, with the second scheduled for 2 years and 8 months.

Defendants No. 1-9 and No. 11-13 gave some evidence during the investigation which was useful to consider. There is a reason to reduce the penalty. Allowing one of the four defendants 10 to make a confession during the investigation is useful to consider. There is a reason for the mitigation of the penalty to reduce the penalty to a third. According to the Criminal Code, Section 78, the 1st defendant, 3-9 and 11-13 will each be imprisoned for 18 months, the 2nd defendant is 24 months in prison, the 10th defendant is 16 months in prison.

When examining the circumstances of the case, it was discovered that when the protesters started causing violence by using slingshots to shoot bolts, glass balls, steel balls and throw bricks. Cement worms, giant firecrackers, ping pong bombs, etc., hit the police officers who keep order at the scene. All 13 defendants should stop rallying as the a police officer tells them to stop. But the 13 defendants did not stop the rally yet. Another trespass to the scene The circumstances of the case are serious and should not be punished. to the thirteen defendants Forfeit all mediators according to the list at the end of the lawsuit. In addition to the imprisonment of the 4th defendant, pending punishment in the criminal case with red number 13530/2555 for 3 months and in the Criminal Case No. Red 13531/2555 for 3 months at Thon Buri District Court, with the case this is imprisonment for the 4th defendant for 24 months together with the imprisonment of the 5th defendant pending punishment. in the criminal case number red in 336/2555, number 1 month, Phra Khanong District Court In accordance with this case, it is imprisonment for the 5th defendant, scheduled for 19 months, counting the imprisonment of the 2nd defendant in this case, following the prison in the criminal case number red of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Provincial Court.

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