Pearl Abyss Releases New Trailer for New “Red Desert”! The gameplay trailer will be released on December 10th! | Social Game Info

Korean Pearl Abys has renewed the official website of “Crimson Desert” on December 3rd, and released a new trailer that expresses the world view and atmosphere of this work. In addition, a new gameplay trailer will be released at “The Game Awards 2020” to be held on December 10th (Japan time is from 9:00 AM on December 11th). Furthermore, in order to start providing information in Japanese in earnest with the release of this trailer, it was announced that “Red Desert” Japan official Twitter was opened.

This work is the company’s next flagship title, which was released for the first time last year. It’s an “open world action-adventure” where northern, southern, and eastern mercenaries fight for survival on the vast continent of Piewell. Developed as a next-generation new game engine, the platform will be deployed on consoles and PCs, with a global launch planned.

Official site

Official Twitter



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