Pebbles; The oldest dog in the world

Bobby Gregory and his wife Julie from South Carolina, USA, wanted to raise some big dogs. Unexpectedly, they were followed while they were looking for it
Seeing a puppy belonging to the Toy Fox Terrier breed.

They both liked the puppy very much. So in 2000 they brought the puppy home.

But 22 years later, they never expected to have that dog named Pebbles with them. This is because dogs usually live up to 15 years.

In April of this year, Toby Keith, aged 21 and 66 days, was declared the oldest dog in the world. However,

The news caught Bobby’s attention. They realized that their dog was even older. Pebbles is 22 years and 59 days old. They immediately brought the matter to the attention of Guinness World Records officials.

On further examination, Guinness World Records found that Pebbles was born on March 28, 2000. Pebbles also holds the world record for the oldest living dog.

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