Home News Pee Khaw 2018 hugs, kisses, orders goodbye, “Buffalo smiles, lovers”, ordain for Reverend Father Kuay 15 days.

Pee Khaw 2018 hugs, kisses, orders goodbye, “Buffalo smiles, lovers”, ordain for Reverend Father Kuay 15 days.

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29 May 2021 21:07

Pee Khaw 2018, wearing a serene Naga dress, hugging, kissing, saying goodbye to “Chao Thong”, smiling buffalo. An ordination ordination to Luang Por Kuay 15 days.

From the case of Mr. Surat Pauket, 37 years old or “Pee Khaw 2018”, a famous young man on social media who took a selfie with his beloved buffalo “Golden Chao”, which looks like a buffalo, smiling until he sees his teeth. Which was previously stolen And follow that back

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Recently, on May 29, 64, it was reported that Mr. Surat Pauket traveled to Wat Khositaram or Wat Luang Pho Kuay, Sankhaburi District, Chainat Province, to inform him of the ordination of Luang Por Kuay and to perform the ceremony to reconcile the Naga hair by Parents and monks in the temple

Then he traveled to the cow stall in his own farm, located at Ban Wang Kho Hai, Suk Duan Ha Subdistrict, Noen Kham District, to bathe the golden. Took him to swim in the pool and then put on a Naga suit and hugged the golden To prepare to ordain tomorrow

Mr. Surat Pauket revealed that this ordination Came from the fact that he got on with Luang Pho Kuai Since the time of the lawsuit Went to court to ask for the release of every allegation But when the story ends, it is caught in the issue of the epidemic, so things are not right. Friends, brothers, relatives and social people want to join the event but have to move indefinitely When coming in the middle of the month The buffalo was stolen. But this time on it with Reverend Father Kuai at the same place But already told that he would be ordained immediately Shave me to the temple and now the buffalo has returned. Therefore hurry to find auspicious ordination Intended to ordain at Khositaram Temple for 15 days.

As for the lawsuit Now in the process of chasing the villain. An arrest warrant has been requested for approval. Which is a familiar face Used to live in the neighborhood for a while I didn’t think I could do it shamelessly. Personally, I think that the police will soon be able to arrest him.

Preliminary to the reporter Has contacted Nern Kham Area Police Station, the owner of the case But cannot give an arrest warrant or a picture of the culprit Due to being stuck in regulations and loses lawsuits

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