Pei Panwad led the team to sacrifice the Wan Wassana drama to strengthen the army of 4 queens, guaranteeing spiciness.

Wan assana hold auspicious occasions to prepare to tell the most intense stories thatDestiny is very funny by the latest Enter Niphon Puenen drama chief Channel One31 anddirector Worat Gangalai It is auspicious in the morning of this day (3 Dec) at 10.09 am.Victory before the drama will be screened for fans to see. First on Monday 13 Dec.

Pei Panwad leads the team to worship the drama Wan Wassana

Leading the cast by Pei Panwad Boonyaratglin mother villain Comeback to act in dramas againin almost 10 years, followed by 4 princesses Toy Pathompong Ruen Jai, New Thitipoom Techa forgive you, Bin Sirithorn Leh Aramwat, Plaifah Natchaphon Unsawat and young actors large models such as Kelly Rattaphong Thanapat, Nut Worarit Fuengarom, glass Apiradi Phawaphutanon Na Mahasarakham, Ying Linpita Jindaphu, Suri Susanna Renault, Pu Kittipong Pluempreedaporn, etc. dressed full of clothesHair comes in a retro character set. The atmosphere in the event is full.euphoria under safety measures COVID 19 at AX Studio

Wan assana

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