Pekeye has repeated stories of small houses. Revealing the latest case, how much did Tanya pay (clip)

Tanya Tanyaret wields her husband Peck Sunchai to come out on the show, exposing the story of the tough couple life. I love it, I quit until the point where the wife is open, can accept and open up to the husband comfortable.

Wife tease herself I’ll be fine all the time. Quarrel often But after not fighting and getting old and not knowing what to fight for In the past, pretend to play, so I want money

Mood Khachapa, the host, asked Pek, how do you feel? The whole country follows life like a drama. Peg revealed that he was embarrassed, he was very bored of himself, there were repetitive news stories about them.

Asked if there was only news for that gig. Going out, how did the people look? Pek said that he walked past everyone, gossiping in front of him all the time. You must pretend not to see Always heard Hey, hey, here is Husband, Tanya.

When asked how it felt after the wife said she wanted to have it, she was tired of following it, and Pek said that 3 years ago she was glad. Look, how was this past 4-5 months? Tanya didn’t hurry to tell. How Then give it control Only to be

Emmy Morakot, the host, the best friend of the Tanya team said agree, there will be us, Amy Smell Pratum, will always be beside Pee Tanya, Pek will always be cursed by us. Do not have any children appear. Otherwise, you’re dead. Really (pointing to thumb) will be without any. Don’t tell Tanya. Emmy said if she came to kill instead.


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