Penetrate 4 ways that use hacking smartphones, along with 4 easy ways to deal with

during the month of January this year The trend of being hacked or spying data on smart phones has come back to talk about it again from the news, Someone claimed to have hacked data through the charging cable. But the price of this type of charging cable is as high as 3,900 baht per line to about 660,000 baht per line and it is more suitable for specific targets than random hacking, so TNN Tech has come up with 4 mobile hacking methods. who have the opportunity to be close to them, including 4 ways to prevent these problems

1. Cheat third party applications

One of the most common types of hacking is sending fraudulent messages through various channels. SMS messages or text messages through LINE (LINE), including phone channels pretending to be from different agencies, install applications from a specific link or channel. Which applications, regardless of how they look and use Its real purpose is to extract user data. Whether it’s passwords, account numbers or credit card numbers through the Clipboard database, which is a temporary storage area of ​​text or images that we copy (Copy), or even secretly collect data from the numbers we press on the screen

The best answer is not to be fooled. By having to choose to use applications from the store (Store) of the operating system itself, for example, iPhone users (iPhone) have to use applications from the App Store and especially smartphone users. The Android system (Android ) is often targeted by the system’s ability to install third-party applications via APK installation files. The source will solve the problem of being hacked. along with always updating the application

2. Phishing hacking

Phishing is a term that refers to sending messages, emails or LINE (LINE) to trick people into clicking on links that may claim to be bank links. government agency Then enter personal information or give permission to something These actions will allow bad actors to access the smartphone and eventually use the data or money from the linked account.

The answer to phishing problems should start by looking at the website’s surname (Domain Name). For example, banks that are often hit with fake phishing links often use unusual domains. For example, banks in Thailand will use or .com domains, but fake websites may be .net or others. Including the web name (Hostname) being misspelled, such as tnnthailand becoming tnnnthailandd to confuse and convince victims

3. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Hacking

Bluetooth is a form of wireless data transmission. Just like a wireless network (Wireless Connection) popularly known as Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) used to send and receive Internet signals. Experts warn that Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Leaving it open could allow professionals to connect and access data within 10 meters, although this is not very common.

Therefore, to prevent possible problems Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use Especially when traveling through public places is very necessary. It also saves a bit of battery life by not having the chip constantly searching for both signals.

4. Hacking by swapping SIM cards

Although there is not much talk about this method these days, in 2019, the founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was involved at the time. Hacking his own Twitter account (Twitter), which the subsequent investigation learned that his smartphone secretly. swap SIM cards with SIM cards prepared by hackers.

Although this does not happen to everyone due to the high preparation and cost. but keeps the smartphone with you all the time In addition to the maintenance of the property It also helps to turn off the SIM card change slot.

Data Source: McAfee

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