Pennsylvania, a key competitor, officially certified as’Biden Victory’

Photo Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania Governor Twitter

The state of Pennsylvania, a key contender in the 11·3 U.S. presidential election, officially certified the results of the counting that President-elect Joe Biden won on the 24th (local time).

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (democratic) said on Twitter today that “Pennsylvania has certified the results of the US presidential and vice presidential elections held on the 3rd.”

He added, “I want to once again express my gratitude to the election officials, who have held fair and free elections during incredibly difficult times.”

Earlier, President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit in the US federal court on the 21st to prevent the verification of the results of the presidential election, but the court dismissed the lawsuit, saying, “The lawsuit is based on speculation.”

Prior to that, the state of Georgia and Michigan, which are competitors, also certified the results of the counting that Biden-elect won.

Reporter Hao Soo-min [email protected]

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