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“‘Pent 3’ Yoon-hee Oh, found dead in a fountain…A surprise ending” – The Herald Business

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Joo Kyung-eun is Shim Su-ryun’s daughter

[헤럴드경제 = 서병기 선임기자]It is always a shock and a twist. Is there anything impossible in the ‘Penthouse’ universe? This time, Yoon-hee Oh (Yoo-jin) is dead. The reaction of viewers, “I have no idea how it will unfold in the future.. It’s beyond imagination” stands out.

In the SBS Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’, Eugene was found dead in the fountain of Hera Palace, and the ending was drawn with a shocking ending, which made the small screen full of thrills.

The 4th episode of the SBS Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’ (played by Kim Soon-ok/directed by Joo Dong-min/produced by Green Snake Media), which was broadcasted at 10 pm on the 25th, was based on Nielsen Korea, with an audience rating of 17.9% in the metropolitan area (3 copies) and a nationwide rating of 17.1% ( Part 3), the instant highest viewer rating broke 18.6%, maintaining the top spot for 4 weeks in a row.

On this day’s broadcast, one of the twins Shim Soo-ryun (Lee Ji-ah) gave birth to was revealed to be Joo-kyung (Han Ji-hyun), and Oh Yoon-hee (Yu-jin) was found dead in a fountain, raising the heart rate of viewers by formula.

Oh Yoon-hee was shocked to hear that the police suspected Joo Dan-tae (Um Ki-joon) as a prime suspect in the murder of Joo Hye-in (Na So-ye)’s biological mother Kim Mi-sook six years ago. After that, Oh Yoon-hee visited Yoo Dong-pil (Park Ho-san) who was under construction at the fountain and said, “Actually, you are unfair too. If you were sentenced to 6 years in prison because of Joo Dan-tae. It has something to do with Joo Dan-tae, right?” Then Yoo Dong-pil said, “You’d better keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, you will die too.” Joo Dan-tae, who watched the two of them arguing, started investigating Yoo Dong-pil afterwards.

Afterwards, Oh Yoon-hee bought a stake in the Cheong-A Art Center and ran for the head of the Cheong-A Art Center, angering Cheon Seo-Jin (Kim So-Yeon) and questioning her by changing all the money in the Logan-Lee (Park Eun-Seok) safe into a single check. Then, Oh Yoon-hee was shocked to hear from Shim Su-ryun that Joo Dan-tae ordered Joo-gyeong to steal Shim Su-ryun’s seal and then changed the name of the 27 Cheonsu District and penthouse to the joint name of Ju Dan-tae and Joo Joo-hoon (Kim Young-dae). .

At this time, Yoon-hee Oh, who had a surprised look as if she had remembered something, took Shim Soo-ryun’s hand and opened the door saying, “Actually, there is something I haven’t been able to tell my sister until now.” left the place

Oh Yoon-hee asked Dan-tae Joo, who came to her, without hesitation, “What did Su-ryun’s sister do with one of the twins she gave birth to in the United States?” and even mentioned Joo Hye-in’s biological mother, putting Joo Dan-tae into a corner. Joo Dan-tae was angry at this and said, “I tell you, Shim Soo-ryun will die because of you. When he turned around leaving a warning, “Let’s see,” Oh Yoon-hee showed determination, saying, “I’ll definitely find the child and take him to Soo-ryun’s sister.”

After that day, Oh Yoon-hee, who visited the penthouse, said that he came to wash his hands for a while and secretly took the hair of Joo-hoon and Joo Seok-kyung and Shim Soo-ryun, and after a while, genetic testing confirmed that Shim Su-ryun and Joo-kyung were paternity.

Oh Yoon-hee immediately called Shim Soo-ryun and told him to call Joo-kyung as well, saying that she had something important to say, and then rushed to Hera Palace. However, when Oh Yoon-hee arrived at the parking lot, she witnessed Jin Bun-hong (Ahn Yeon-hong) kidnapping Ha Eun-byeol (Choi Ye-bin) and chased after him.

Joo Dan-tae placed a stone on the accelerator of the car and slowly disappeared with the genetic test paper in Oh Yoon-hee’s bag, and Oh Yoon-hee, who was blocking the car with her whole body to save Ha Eun-byul, heightened the tension with an expression of extreme emotion.

On the other hand, Joo Dan-tae, who was threatened by Joo Hye-in’s biological mother Kim Mi-sook for the existence of Joo-kyung, killed Kim Mi-sook in an outrageous manner, and then knelt down to ask for help from Yoo Dong-pil, who witnessed this.

In the ending, it was revealed that the body that Yoo Dong-pil found in the fountain was Oh Yoon-hee, not Kim Mi-sook, causing a terrific shock, followed at that moment by Joo Dan-tae, “What are you so surprised about, murderer Yoo Dong-pil”, revealing a bizarre smile. I got goosebumps when I put this on.

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