Penthouse teaser, survival total prize money of 400 million… Who is the winner?

Tenant battle: Penthouse (Photo=Channel A)

Channel A’s ‘Battle for Tenancy: Penthouse’ presents a battle for survival towards the top floor with the guidance of Master Eugene.

Nancy Lang, one of the tenants, shed tears that had never been shown anywhere while taking on the challenge of ‘Penthouse’, heralding an unpredictable drama that would happen in front of ‘Money’.

On the 31st, ‘Battle for Tenancy: Penthouse’ released a poster and preview video of Eugene, the heroine of the drama ‘Penthouse’ series and ‘Master’, the host of the entertainment show ‘Penthouse’.
In the poster, Eugene, holding a flashing gold coin, proudly proposes a ‘war for moving in’ with the phrase ‘Life-changing total prize money up to 400 million won’.

In the trailer, Eugene reveals for the first time a five-story abandoned building in Danyang, North Chungcheong Province, which will be the background of ‘Penthouse’. In this special building, movement is possible only with a ‘transparent elevator’, and the owner of the 5th floor ‘penthouse’, which is absolute power, changes through unpredictable missions every day.

The most luxurious and luxurious 5th floor ‘Penthouse’ is the pinnacle of desire, a symbol of wealth and power, and a place where you can win a total prize of up to 400 million won. Ten-day fierce competition for tenants will be waged on this ‘penthouse’.

Nancy Lang, one of the tenants, tasted ‘a series of super-tensions that she had never experienced in her life’ here, and finally shedding tears. Residents, including Nancy Lang, poured out unusual feelings while performing the mission at ‘Penthouse’: “It is the worst moment of my life that I will never forget”, “I will never forgive myself”, and “I keep crying for no reason.” However, a surprising reaction also coexisted, saying, “If season 2 comes out, I will definitely appear.”

Previously, ‘Penthouse’ posed a heavy question through the teaser video, ‘Will your conscience be protected in front of money?’ Also, in the preview, Master Eugene asked, “What floor is your life on?”, making us wonder what money and desire for the top floor will look like in the battle for occupancy in ‘Penthouse’.

Meanwhile, ‘Battle for Tenancy: Penthouse’ will be broadcast this summer.

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