People in Shanghai call for the resignation of the Dutch reporter of the Communist Party: I have never seen the scene | Urumqi | Xi Jinping

[The Epoch Times, Tachwedd 27, 2022](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Zhang Ting) The fire incident in Urumqi, Xinjiang has triggered more protests in many places in China Resignation and other slogans, the show surprised foreign reporters. Dutch journalist Eva Rammeloo tweeted a series of videos and photos of the Shanghai protests, saying she had never seen anything like this in her ten years of reporting on China.

Ren Meiluo is the China correspondent for the Dutch daily Trouw. The video he posted on Twitter on Saturday (Nov 26) showed a large number of people gathered on Urumqi Middle Road in Shanghai that night, shouting “No nucleic acid, want freedom.” Ren Meiluo said that when a policeman at the scene was asked if he agreed with the public, the policeman smiled and remained silent for a long time.

“There’s nothing we can do about it, there’s nothing we can do about it,” said the policeman.

Ren Meiluo tweeted a picture and wrote that people were holding a blank paper on Urumqi Middle Road in Shanghai, “Someone said: ‘We don’t need to write anything on it. This is a symbol of the people’s revolution.'”

(To see photos click here.)

A video posted by Ren Meiluo on Twitter showed protesters chanting “Freedom!” (To watch the video click here.)

In addition, from another video he posted, it can be seen that the protesters shouted “the Communist Party, Xi Jinping, is stepping down.”

Ren Meiluo said, “I want to add how incredible this is. I have been reporting on China for ten years and I have never seen a scene like this. The anger is too much to contain. Wondering what will happen happens next.”

The Twitter account “Ms Li is not your teacher” also released a video of Shanghai people calling for the resignation of the Communist Party and Xi Jinping (To watch the video click here). It can be seen in the video that the police at the scene formed a human wall, as if they were facing an enemy.

Eventually, the police began to divide the crowd into two, making several arrests, Ren Meiluo said. He shared a picture of people being arrested by the police. (To see photos click here.)

Not only in Shanghai, but also students in many universities across the country could not help it.

The Twitter account “Ms. Li is not your teacher” has posted multiple videos and photos said to be from Peking University. The photo shows that a red text on the wall near the steps of Peking University’s hometown canteen appeared on the night of the 26th: “Don’t block and control, you want freedom! Do not nucleic acid, you want to eat Being pragmatic does not lie flat, open your eyes to see the world, clear dynamic It is always a lie, and there is a cushion to turn as soon as possible. “

“Ms Li is not your teacher” later released an updated photo saying that the Peking University scarlet letter had been removed. Other videos or photos posted by this account showed students from the Beijing Film Academy shouting “Long Live the People”; students from the Chongqing Institute of International Business and Economics mourned the victims of the fire in Urumqi; Freedom, reform instead of the Cultural Revolution, dignity instead of lies.”

The Epoch Times could not independently verify the videos and photos posted by the Twitter account.

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