“People in the world do not know” trailer Disney + ‘j-hope in the box’ released

J-Hope’s passion for music during his 200-day solo career is expected to be fully reflected in ‘j-hope IN THE BOX’.

On the 27th, The Walt Disney Company Korea released a teaser trailer for Disney+ ‘j-hope in the box’ through its official channel.

The released video reads, “Starting this project? Starting with J-Hope’s voice, “People in the world don’t know,” the main points of the documentary are contained in condensed form.

Photo = Walt Disney Company Korea, provided by Hive

In particular, with the background of ‘Arson’, making music alone in the studio, preparing for a performance in the rehearsal room, and then dominating the ‘Lollapalooza’ stage where tens of thousands of spectators gathered, “LET’S BURN, LET’S JUMP, LET’S hope!’

Photo = Walt Disney Company Korea, provided by Hive

Meanwhile, ‘j-hope IN THE BOX’ will be released simultaneously worldwide via Disney+ and Weverse at 5 pm on February 17.

Dong-sun Park Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter (dspark@etnews.com)

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