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Mainland China Center/Reported by Huang Yunxuan

▲The Chinese Communist Party sent the People’s Liberation Army to Xi’an. (Photo/Retrieved from People’s Daily Weibo)

The outbreak in China has recently re-emerged. Among them, the local confirmed cases in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province were out of control. The latest number of cases in China today (28). There were 175 local confirmed cases in Xi’an alone. On the 6th day of Xi’an’s closure, many Xi’an citizens The news broke that “local food prices have soared and no food is available, and food is almost out of stock.” The epidemic in Xi’an was out of control, and the Chinese government urgently sent the People’s Liberation Army to Xi’an Hospital.

According to “CCTV News”, the Chinese government announced today that from 0:00 to 24:00 on the 27th, a total of 209 new cases were confirmed, of which 182 cases were diagnosed locally in Xi’an, and the rest included Xianyang, Yan’an, and Shaoxing, Zhejiang. There are local confirmed cases in Kunming City, Yunnan Province.

The Xi’an government also announced the strengthening of the city’s lockdown, “From 12:00 on December 27, Xi’an will conduct a new round of nucleic acid testing for all employees. To ensure the accuracy of the nucleic acid screening results, Xi’an suspends the policy of one person going out for purchases for 2 days and requires all Residents can continue to implement the original regulations after completing nucleic acid sampling and showing negative results,” and all citizens are forced to not go out.

Citizens in Xi'an exploded that the price of local vegetables has soared, and food is almost out of stock.  (Picture/Retrieved from Huashang Daily Weibo)

▲The citizens of Xi’an exploded that the prices of local vegetables have soared, and food is almost out of stock. (Picture/Retrieved from Huashang Daily Weibo)

This wave of sudden closure of the city, in addition to the previous large-scale purchases in Xi’an supermarkets, many people in Xi’an couldn’t help but curse on Weibo, bluntly saying that the prices of local vegetables have soared, and they are almost out of food, and they have left messages saying ” I’m stupid”, “I’m waiting for new additions at 8 o’clock every day, hoping that the number of cases will decrease, but the results are always disappointing”, “I can’t buy food immediately after I’m out of food”, “I don’t care if I stay at home in quarantine and community properties. Yes, what should I do if my family’s inventory is exhausted? I’m starving to death.” “Replace the leadership of the government”, “The residents of Xi’an are all talking about the soaring price of vegetables. Does the government do nothing?”

The Chinese government seems to be unable to suppress public grievances. Now because of the outbreak of the epidemic, the local medical supply can be tight. The Chinese Communist Party’s official media “People’s Daily” pointed out on the 28th that the PLA has now stationed in Xi’an, and a medical team of 150 people in the Air Force is supporting Xi’an Hospital. The report pointed out: These medical teams have been stationed in the “Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital” in the past.

Official media said that this group of People's Liberation Army had been stationed in the

▲Official media stated that this group of People’s Liberation Army had been stationed in the “Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital.” (Photo/Retrieved from People’s Daily Weibo)


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