‘People of the Meteorological Agency’ Park Min-young ♥ Song Kang, the hard-working in-house romance ends like this? [MK★TV컷]

An abnormal airflow was detected between Park Min-young and Song Kang in ‘Meteorological Agency People’.

In the last episode of JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Meteorological Administration People: In-house Romance Cruelty’ (hereinafter ‘Meteorological Administration People’), the ending of Ha-kyung Jin (Park Min-young) and Si-woo Lee (Song Kang), who met for different reasons in a motel, caused tension. The story of those who can’t catch a bell as much as the changeable weather exploded curiosity about the next episode.

Looking at the still cuts of the two people released ahead of the main broadcast today (27th), it seems that this abnormal flow will continue for a while. Ha-kyung and Si-woo face each other at the brunch cafe, because the frozen atmosphere is reminiscent of a spring of cold. Ha-kyung is looking at Si-woo with her wounded eyes, and Si-woo, who reads the abnormal air in those eyes, looks more desperate than ever.

picture explanationPeople of the Korea Meteorological Administration Park Min-young and Song Kang Photo = Npio Entertainment, JTBC Studio

The previously released video contains a cold conversation. To Si-woo, who pretends nothing is wrong, Ha-kyung tells Si-woo to take some time, saying, “Let’s think again.”

Ha-kyung knows that Si-woo is not the kind of person with her head, but Ha-kyung can’t accept it with her heart. It is a pity that he has no choice but to shrink even more because he has already suffered betrayal.

Si-woo, who is struck by lightning in the dry sky, desperately tries to hold on to him saying, “It has nothing to do with me,” but Ha-kyung, who is resolute, gets up first. It was her in-house romance that she started again with difficulty, but whether she is going back to between the general manager and the special report again, the viewers who are cheering for the ‘Hashu Couple’ are also in trouble. What stimulates her curiosity more than anything else is the reason why Si-woo visited her motel in the middle of the night. Attention is focused on what kind of story is hidden in him, who has a sick expression after being notified by Ha-kyung.

The production team said, “Ha-kyung and Si-woo, who are different from each other, eventually met an ideal flow.

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