People Power “Lee Sang-min impeachment prosecution defies presidential election and Lee Jae-myung dodges a bullet”

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Jeong Jin-seok, chairman of the People’s Power Expansion Committee (centre), speaks at the Emergency Response Committee meeting held at the National Assembly on the 9th. Minkyu Park Senior Reporter

People’s power criticized the opposition parties, such as the Democratic Party, the Justice Party, and the Basic Income Party, on the 9th day before, as “disobeying the presidential election” and “Lee Jae-myung bulletproof” for the decision of the proposal the impeachment of the Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min at the plenary meeting of the National Assembly.

At the emergency committee meeting held at the National Assembly that day, Jeong Jin-seok, chairman of the emergency response committee, said, “The people judged the Democratic Party regime and launched Yoon Seok-yeol’s government. He said, “The disobedience of the Democratic Party to the presidential election and the destruction of the constitutional order will become a blue boomerang and hit the Democratic Party directly in the general election next year.” House floor leader Ho-young Joo said, “The Democratic Party unilaterally pushed forward with the impeachment bill even though there was no violation of the constitution or laws and the conditions for impeachment were not met.”

Seong Il-jong, chairman of the policy committee, said, “The biggest flaw in democracy is that he misused the power of the great majority in order to turn national attention to the judicial investigation of Lee Jae-myung (Democratic Party) and make the parliament bulletproof. ” It clearly showed the harmful effects of a majority vote.” Kim Jong-hyeok, a member of the emergency committee, criticized, saying, “Like the cause of mad cow disease (USA) (rallies against beef imports), the Democratic Party, a party that specializes in fabrication, fabrication and agitation, was used . the feeling of regret for the Itaewon disaster for political upheaval.”

Kim Jung-jae, member of SBS Radio , claiming that the Democratic Party’s decision to impeach Minister Lee was “an exercise to vote when the motion to arrest Lee Jae-myeong comes.” Rep. Kim said, “Among lawmakers, it’s called ideological vetting. If one or two people oppose it, we will definitely find it,” he said.

The motion to impeach Minister Lee was passed in a full meeting of the National Assembly the day before, with 179 out of 293 lawmakers in favor. Most opposition lawmakers, including the Democratic Party (169 seats), the Justice Party (6 seats) and the Basic Income Party (1 seat), appear to be in favour.

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