People’s Power, 3rd Opposition Inquiry Request for State Affairs “Intention to waste time with politics”

  • People’s Power Jang Dong-hyuk, spokesperson on the floor<사진=연합뉴스>
    People’s Power, the ruling party, criticized the three opposition parties, including the Democratic Party, the Justice Party, and the Basic Income Party, for submitting a request for a state investigation into the truth of the October 29 disaster as “a conspiracy to waste a time of political conflict.”

    In a comment on the 9th, floor spokesman Jang Dong-hyuk said, “The power of the people is that the police investigation and inspection comes first to determine the cause of the accident, and the state’s investigation without coercive force hinders the investigation only. We are pushing it with strength” he said.

    “If you look at the application, the Sewol ferry disaster is included in the scope of the investigation, and the president’s office is added to the scope of the investigation, revealing the impure purpose as it is,” said a spokesperson the Jang floor.

    The reference to the Sewol ferry disaster is the first large-scale casualty in downtown Seoul since the collapse of the Sampoong Department Store in 1995, and the biggest single accident since the Sewol ferry disaster in 2014. It is interpreted as drawing attention to the content of the application.

    “Despite the background of the investigation,” said the floor spokesman, “The ‘former Yongsan’ president’s office and the ‘drug campaign’ on the day of the disaster were copied and copied from fake news.”

    He continued, “We have already carried out investigations on pending matters in the Public Administration and Security Committee, the Judiciary Committee, the Steering Committee, and the Preliminary Committee, but in the end they only had a political battle without discovering new facts “, he added.

    The presidential office also drew a line on the opposition’s demands for a national investigation.

    A key official in the presidential office met with reporters this afternoon and said, “Sadness should not be used in politics” in response to the opposition’s request for a state investigation into the Itaewon disaster.

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