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People’s Power Candidates’Opposition Joint Government Theory’… Putting all the effort into driving public opinion

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Se-hoon Oh, a preliminary candidate for mayor of the power of the people, is announcing the youth pledge at the Seoul Yeouido National Assembly Communication Hall on the morning of the 14th. Reporter Won Dae-yeon [email protected]

People’s Power The candidates for the Seoul Mayor’s election contest are striving to drive public opinion by raising the’opposition joint government theory’ in preparation for the party’s main contest conducted through a 100% poll. It is interpreted as a paving stone to attract not only the support of the people’s power but also the center of the third zone.

The power of the people Oh Se-hoon, former Mayor of Seoul, met with reporters at the National Assembly on the 14th and said, “(Co-operation of Seoul opposition) is one of the unification methodology.” “Seoul city co-operation requires partners and agreements, and there is such a method for unification. It is an example.” In an interview with MBN the previous day, Mayor Oh said, “If the city becomes unified in the form of an agreement to jointly operate the city of Seoul, it would be worth expecting from the standpoint of voters.”

As soon as former Mayor Oh’s’Joint Government Theory’ came out, former lawmaker Na Kyung-won wrote on Facebook on the 13th, “If you win the election with a successful unification, the joint operation of Seoul is a basic task that must be practiced.” He added, “Ahn’s remarks from former Mayor Oh and the’Pan-Observational Alliance of Seoul’ proposed by Ahn both have the same purpose.”

People’s Power Preliminary candidate Na Gyeong-won of Seoul Mayor and independent candidate Geum Tae-seop walked along Namsan Dulle-gil on the 14th to discuss issues such as unification of opposition rights. Reporter Won Dae-yeon [email protected]

Unlike the preliminary contest for the power of the people, the two candidates’ battles are interpreted as taking into account the fact that in the main contest, the party’s decision is made only by polling the citizens of Seoul without a party member vote. An official from the power of the people said, “To run Seoul as a joint government with Representative Ahn means that we will actively embrace the middle class,” and “Both camps are re-adjusting their strategies based on the results of the preliminary contest.” As the workshop continued, CEO Ahn met reporters and stressed that he was the’original author’ of the joint government theory, saying, “I told you that from the beginning of (before the election), I would widely recruit talent from the pan-optics.” Representative Ahn continued, “I will accept the words of the two candidates as saying that they are willing and sincere for unification.” On the 14th, the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday, each candidate in the opposition also made a series of practical pledges with a pale ideology. I, a former lawmaker, said through a Facebook briefing, “If you talk with young people, the buses in Seoul are too crowded and one or two during rush hours It is said that if you miss it, you will often be late. We will introduce 700 double-decker electric buses every year.” Mayor Oh held a press conference at the National Assembly and said, “The core of youth welfare in any country is housing support. We will provide administrative and financial support to young people who are dreaming and challenging.” He announced the youth housing plan and employment pledge to expand 10 times monthly rent support for young people.

Representative Ahn looked around the shopping districts in Myeong-dong, Seoul, which were hit by a new coronavirus infection that day, saying, “It was unreasonable to set the business hours to 9 pm from before and it was unreasonable and should be extended. did. “I will try to suggest and accept social distancing methods based on scientific standards, rather than outdated.”

Reporter Choi Woo-yeol [email protected]

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