People’s Power Itaewon special commissioner visits the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency… “The basics have collapsed”

People’s Power’s ‘Accident Safety and Security Countermeasures Special Committee’ visited the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency today and strongly criticized the previous lack of safety measures in relation to the 10.29 disaster and the complacent response on the day of the disaster.

Special Committee Chairman Lee Man-hee said at the meeting, “The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, together with the Yongsan Police Station, is a place where the fundamentals of the police are fully exposed in the process of responding to the Itaewon accident.”

Chairman Lee said, “Although we had anticipated that a large number of people would gather in Itaewon during Halloween, we did not make any preparations, and when the accident happened, we were shown to pass on responsibility by arguing for the truth about the Yongsan Police . Station and police are rioting the support of the police.” I even question if I can trust the police to protect people’s lives.”

“Apart from the police investigation, the Itaewon special committee will investigate the controversy surrounding the support of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency troops, the order to delete information documents, and the poor response to the general situation room 112, and review measures to prevent this from happening again,” he emphasized.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Commissioner Kim Kwang-ho bowed his head, saying, “As the general manager of public security in Seoul, I feel a heavy sense of responsibility, and I deeply apologize for the heartbreaking part of the people who caused by this accident. ”

Commissioner Kim also added, “The Seoul police and I have not changed our attitude to truly reveal the cause of the accident without any cover-up or assistance.” There is.

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