People’s power joined the government’s investigation

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The power of the people, who had refused to investigate the government’s affairs from the 10.29 disaster, saying that the budget bill should come first, decided to join the government’s investigation which starts tomorrow.

After meeting the bereaved families today, my perspective suddenly changed.

We contact reporters who are outside the National Assembly.

Reporter Yoo Choong-hwan, the power of the people, what is the background of the change of situation?

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Yes. This afternoon, members of the National Investigative Committee under Crym y Popl met with the bereaved families, and it appears that this is the background for resorting to participating in the government’s investigation.

First, let’s listen to the Power People members’ press conference that took place a while ago.

[이만희/국민의힘 국정조사특위 간사]

“More than anything, there was also a word from the floor leader asking the ruling party to act responsibly until the end so that support and communication with the bereaved family can take place. We agreed to take part in the parliamentary inquiry.”

As a result, members of the National Assembly’s Investigative Committee decided to accompany the members of the 3rd party from the field investigation tomorrow.

Tomorrow, on-site investigations are scheduled for the Itaewon disaster site, Itaewon police box, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and Seoul City Hall.

Meanwhile, the power of the people did not participate in the parliamentary investigation, saying that the opposition had broken the agreement to process the budget bill first.

All the members of the People Power National Support Committee even resigned.

However, the bereaved families tearfully appealed today for participation in the inquiry into state affairs, and they felt the burden of criticism would increase if they continued to be absent, and they seem to be aware of the situation in which there is criticism of public opinion. intensified due to a series of absurd comments in the party recently.

The power of the people has been revealed that it will be made an opportunity to lay the foundation for national security, not a ‘hearing out’.

The 3 opposition parties are demanding that the government’s investigation period be extended until January 7th, as it has been delayed for 25 days, but the power of the people has revealed a negative meaning.

Even with Prime Minister Han Deok-soo and the scope of witness adoption, the opposition parties are at odds, so further discussions are needed.

This is MBC News’ Yoo Chung-hwan in the National Assembly so far.

Video commentary: Song Rok-pil / Video editing: Jo Ki-bum

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