People’s Power, ‘Lee Jun-seok’s temporary disposition’ request for reassignment by the court


The People’s Power has asked the court to change the court responsible for the injunction case filed by former CEO Jun-seok Lee against the Emergency Response Committee Jeong Jin-seok and others.

According to the party’s legal support team, the People’s Power submitted an official document requesting the reassignment of the trial court yesterday to the Seoul Southern District Court with this content.

In the official document, the party said, “Although the 52nd Civil Division as well as the 51st Civil Division is the claim settlement division due to the division of judicial matters in the Seoul South District Court, it is enough to question the fairness of the injunction case allocation of the only former representative to the 51st Civil Division.

He added, “Jeon Joo-hye, one of the debtors of the fifth injunction case, is the Chief Justice of the 51st Civil Division and a classmate at Seoul National University School of Law.”

In addition, “The current court went beyond a ‘judgment of procedural illegality’ and went beyond established legal principles and precedents to judge the political area of ​​’the propriety of an emergency situation and the need to establish an emergency response committee’ .” It is difficult to warrant trust in fairness properly to proceed with the trial again.”

In response to this, former CEO Lee Jun-seok wrote on Facebook, “Does it make sense to apply for a challenge because they fear they will have an advantage?” and “How many funny things will happen in Korean courts if this happens. is accepted.”

He also pointed out, “When non-idiots act absurdly, I usually accept it as a ‘delay tactic’.

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