PER POZE Officially Releases Spring/Summer 2023 “FILL WITH BLANK” Collection

PER POZE, a Chinese designer brand, officially released its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, which was unveiled at the Alter Showroom during Shanghai Fashion Week. This series takes “FILLING WITH BLANK” as the theme of inspiration, transforming the symbolic symbol “∞” into a pattern and presenting it on the single product, depicting the depression and pressure of contemporary people’s desire to escape from reality, and move their emotions to the boundaries are increasingly Fuzzy virtual world, and in the form of artistic interest of “aesthetics of violence”, it interprets the current emotions and interprets real life.

In terms of clothing, this season continues the classic design of the autumn and winter 2022 series. By using various tailoring such as cross lines, detachable bottoms, sports fabrics, etc., as well as the innovation of the hollow center design, the contrasting color design, etc. Retro-inspired plaid suits, textured tops and skirts with washed and distressed work, and neatly tailored suits abound. In terms of color, the series also uses the aesthetic concept of the Quentin Jerome Tarantino effect, by using many high saturation colors, adding strong contrast and visual impact.

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