Perforated walls! Crazy inspector shooting bullets on the floor : PPTVHD36

For the effects of the shooting incident! rises from Inspector Kan make the villagers’ houses stable Lots of damage PPTV went to the area to inspect the house next to Inspector Kan’s house. Dozens of bullet holes were found. Several bullets hit the ground. The home owner said he didn’t think this would happen. Because inspector Kan is usually good natured. Ask for medication

Athit Nukulkit, neighbor of the wild inspector The houses are next door to each other using the same house wall. lead PPTV news team Went to see the bullet holes on the flap of the house on the 2nd floor, found dozens of small holes, big holes. In the bedroom there were two more large holes and two bullets dropped on the floor.

Mr. said Athit that his daughter lives in this house. Fortunately, the day of the incident In the morning my daughter left for work. nobody home Otherwise he will definitely hit your daughter. because the walls of the second floor house are perforated just bullet holes Asking agencies to heal the mind Because now I’m still scared

Carry out a survey of the house, confirm the location. “Mad Inspector” also found a marijuana bong placed in the corner of the room.

Super persistent! “Inspector Crazy” caused a gunfight in the deceased Sai Mai area

The Maj Gen revealed. Atthaphon Anusit, the manager of the Metropolitan Police 2, that officers from the Evidence Division today checked the bullets repeatedly. Identify lines of bullets fired by officers and perpetrators. from which direction was it shot How many shots to each side? In which a puppet was brought to simulate the event on the spot as well

As for the preliminary remedies, the officers inspected the damage. Both gunshots and tear gas to continue to heal and help. The villagers’ state of mind has been restored.

Village committee ready to increase security measures by hiring security guards to look after the environment ready to set up a war room to solve further problems