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‘Performance hit’ Cabin raises employee salary by 10 million won

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[이데일리 서대웅 기자] Internet-only bank Kakao Bank has decided to raise the average annual salary of all its employees by 10 million won or more. Stock options (stock options) and bonuses are also paid in the amount of 30% and 20% of annual salary, respectively.

(Photo = Kakao Bank)

According to the financial industry on the 22nd, Kakao Bank recently presented such a compensation plan to its employees. Employees will receive increased wages from next year. Although it varies from person to person, it is known that the average salary will be increased by 10 million won. Performance bonuses and stock options are also paid separately.

This compensation plan was decided to share the company’s performance with employees. A Kakao Bank official said, “Kakao Bank has achieved great growth so far, and the company thinks that it should share its achievements with its members in order to achieve sustainable growth.”

Kakao Bank, which was launched in July 2017, had over 1,000 employees last June. In August, the company successfully completed an initial public offering (IPO), becoming a financial leader immediately after listing on the KOSPI. Cumulative net profit for the third quarter was KRW 167.9 billion, a growth rate of 95.6% from a year ago. The number of customers also increased from 15.44 million at the end of last year to 17.4 million as of the end of September this year. This is equivalent to 6 out of 10 economically active people.


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